Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My DIY Faux Fur Vest and Faux Fur Tutorial Roundup

I did not hesitate to grab some faux fur when it was on sale at Joann's Fabrics this Fall. I knew I had a clutch I wanted to whip up and ever since I saw the baby girl faux fur vest on See Kate Sew, I had been dying to make one for the little ladies in my life. Since my cousin's little dreamboat Charlotte was celebrating her first year of life this past weekend, I knew it was my job to bring something that was handmade, in addition to the basket of goodies I had been collecting over the past few months. Well, let's just say that working with faux fur is an acquired taste I would assume and one that I don't know that I'll have again, though who knows... I have forgotten all about child birth and might have another so I may soon forget what a pain in the bum bum that working with fur is... let's just say that things got hairy.

I wouldn't call this vest a crafting fail but more so an epic time suck. For the amount of time it took me to complete this vest, I could have likely bought 3. After I sewed the lining, I excitedly texted all my friends with little girls, promising them that I would "whip them up" a faux fur vest for their little angels... well, I just days later had to let them down... crafty Amanda was the type of person who over promises and under delivers (sadface). Whatever, I'll make it up to them on their next birthdays lol... but I shall show you my one successful vest and also link you up to some of the tutorials that I was going to try my hand at (and may still) but at this juncture in time, will just keep on the backburner.
Cutting Faux Fur Gets "Hairy"
Glue a Pin Backing for a Quick Flower Detail
Char in her Handmade Faux Fur Vest

What do you think of my first (and maybe last) faux fur vest?

Possible Faux Fur Projects for the Future:


  1. sew cute!! (see what I did there??) seriously - the vest and the baby doll. also, I really appreciate the 'one and done' projects.

  2. This was def a one and done (for awhile) project, though I do still have two yards of that faux fur sitting on my worktable, taunting me!

  3. The baby is very cute with Faux Fur Vest. Love you baby.........


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