Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful for these Blogger Inspirations!

This post is inspired by something another blogger (but mostly friend) did last week. She did a little Halloween trick or treat with some of her favorite bloggers, simply by picking some things that she really likes about them or their blog or a specific blog post... Check out Kelly's Blog-ger-Treat Gets Me Every Time to see what I am talkin' about. It was because she felt like shouting out some things that she liked about us. Let me tell you that it touched my little blogger heart, on the realz... so I decided to do something almost the same, except obviously not for Halloween (hello, it's November!). I am going to go with a "Thankful" theme, since Thanksgiving is this month... and also, I'm thankful, super thankful to have all manner of inspiration coming from the ladies of the crafty internet community. I am a creative/crafty person but sometimes, I need to look to other creative, like minded people to get the juices flowing and as a bonus, learn some best practices on living life... The following ladies are on my creative and crafty crush list for sure.
See Kate Sew: Can we jump on the faux fur trend please? The fabulous Kate has all manner of faux fur sewing projects on her blog but my absolute faves have to be the adorable cropped jacket for girls and for women. Hello, matching for Mom and Daughter? Amazing. Kate's blog has a pleathera of amazing projects that are great inspiration and aren't out of your skill level, I promise! I "sew" want to be her friend! #Isewloveyou

Domestikated Life:  Here's another Kate who is the cat's pajamas. This girl is like the whiz kid of whipping up a fabulous cocktail or setting the scene for a super stylish gathering. Hello, check out some shots from her Mingle Magazine highlights. She is amazingly talented and cute to boot... I know, because we've met. She happens to be half of the fantastic team that runs Boston Bloggers (shout out to Alison of  Long Distance Loving) #stylishsistah

Gets Me Every Time: Kelly over at GMET is adorable, sweet and a little quirky (something Mama certainly appreciates). She has a crafty streak (check out her Toyidermy) but is also thoughtful about things in general. Check out her Reasons to Journal, which makes me want to start documenting my thoughts, because so many good ones get away from me, I'm sure of it. #thankyouforbeingyou

Elizabeth Crane Swartz: Besides her dreamy hand painted jewelry, ECS has an inspiring attitude on life. Every time I am in her presence I feel like a "cooler" person just for knowing her. She has an amazing relationship with her children/husband/puggle while also being her own person with her own projects. She also has a pretty awesome personal style that looks effortless and chic. Every.Single.Time. #jealousofyourcoolness

What the Craft: Lexi over at What the Craft is pretty amazing. Her site is a who, what, where, and how on crafty goodness. Kick ass sewing patterns, tutorials and lots more, this site is something I could only dream to achieve. Her level of crafty-ness is the highest. The crafty-ness overflows. I kind of want to make this half apron, to do all the baking I don't have time to do. Just one of many awesome tutes for yous guys to enjoy. Seriously, get lost on this site and you'll be inspired. #inspirationfordays

Crafty Chica: Spreading positivity through creativity. Boom. Kathy Cano-Murillo is kind of a big deal in the crafty world. She is an award winning author, paints like a dream and has great Day of the Dead crafts if you like that sort of thing (I like that sort of thing, A LOT) . Based on my love of puff paint and RIT dye, her Instagram sings to me... who am I kiddin', almost everything she does sings to me. Plus, I think if I were ever to meet her, she seems like she'd be such a genuinely nice lady. #craftpaint4life

Who are you thankful to be able to take creative inspiration from in your every day?


  1. this made me cry. you're a sweetheart and you've included me in a group of incredible women - thank you. as for being 'cool' I don't buy it for one second but I'll certainly take it! xoxoxoxo

  2. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. So many creative ladies, off to check off the couple I'm not already familiar with! xx

  3. I'm so honored that I inspired YOU. So, thanks for including me in your round-up of fabulous ladies. I gotta say, there's tons of inspiration out here on the Internet, but I also take daily inspiration from my mom & grand moms—they are/were three creative ladies!

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