Thursday, April 3, 2014

Julie Michaud Prettyology, a Must Visit on Newbury Street

Last week, I had the opportunity to hit up Julie Michaud Prettyology Boston for some facial and brow action... let me just start with the following sentiment... I felt the ultimate in pampering, which is what I would expect from a salon on Newbury Street but beyond that, the staff was supremely stellar and made me feel so comfortable. The visit even prompted me to write a positive Yelp! review and usually I reserve Yelp! reviews for venting ;-). The visit was that good.

Located at 18 Newbury Street 5th Floor, Boston, this salon has a cozy and private feel, almost like you are being let into some sort of secret society... or maybe I just have a really active imagination. In any event, the salon is steps away from the common and public gardens so once the weather gets nicer (and this bun arrives), I can't wait to make a day of being pampered and strolling in the fresh air.

I had a fantastic facial with Jennifer Chioccaceriello, Prettyology's Lead Medical Aesthetician. Not only was she knowledgeable but she was sure to educate me on everything we were doing. She took special care with my skin, knowing that I am pregnant, that certain treatments may not be appropriate for my state and that my skin may be more sensitive these days. She altered the treatments to suit my needs and I did not once question her; she was that confident in her ability to help me get the most out of my visit. I really do plan to return post-baby to get the "works" to really see what the state of the art equipment and treatments can do for my skin.

In addition to my facial, I had my brows shaped by Shalyn Brooks, a Sr. Makeup/Brow/Lash Artist. I am blond so it's not often that I would think to have my brows done. If I happen to notice, I might pluck a few stray hairs here and there but never with any sort of plan or skill. Shalyn changed my mind about my brows. With finesse and expertise, she groomed my brows to the point where I totally became a believer! She said I had nice shape already (well, thank you, I was born this way) but she cleaned them up and boy was Mama proud. Next time I am in the city for an event, I will be booking a quick appt with Shalyn because I really was thrilled with the results.

Some of the great products I grabbed while at Prettyology... the lipstick is from their own line!
Prettyology offers lots of great services to "Put Your Best Face Forward" including results oriented skincare, permanent makeup, brow shaping, lash extensions, makeup application and more. Check out their Beauty Lab menu and if you are in the Boston area and truly want to get high quality services for your face, Julie Michaud Prettyology comes highly recommended by me!

You can follow Prettyology on Twitter, find them on Facebook and get great ideas and skincare tips from their Pinterest boards!

*Julie Michaud Prettyoloy provided me with complimentary services for the purpose of review though all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Ok I have an appointment for Saturday and am seriously STOKED now. Sounds amazing!!

  2. Julie does amazing tattoo work. I know a few people that have had eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed by her and it came out really well

  3. I am a FIRM believer in brow shaping! That pink grapefruit lip scrub looks so yummy. Or maybe I just love the color pink!

  4. SO excited for my appointment now - it looks absolutely beautiful!!!! Great review and photos Amanda :)

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