Tuesday, September 10, 2013

King Richard's Faire and How Your Child is in for some Fun errr Danger

This past weekend, the man and I hopped in the car with some friends and headed down to King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA... which we might as well call the Cape. None of had ever been to a Ren Faire and lo and behold a Groupon made itself available so how could we not go? We had a really fun time. I had my sights set on a turkey leg and seeing a joust but there was so much more to do there than I would have thought... but one thing I found hilarious about the whole day, is not that there were tons of children there but that they were allowed to do things that I would assume that today's helicopter parents wouldn't let their child participate in. Turns out that I was wrong.

My first notice of this unhinged and free falling child like wonder was this horse attached to an airport wire. There was a line of many, many children waiting to hop on board, hold a wooden sword and try to joust at a wooden dragon as he is sliding down on his mighty steed. Maybe it is a sign that I am getting old but I immediately thought upon seeing this was that it seemed a little dangerous. Don't get me wrong, I would have been ALL over this as a child but couldn't you fall off of it? Couldn't you tear a muscle if the sword got caught? Couldn't you have an amazing ass time? I am sure this was thrilling for all children involved and as far as I saw, there were no casualties.... except for that small piece of my soul that whimpered at the thought of never being able to experience this myself.

What about a knife throw? (there was also an ax throw, a ninja star throw and a cannon ball shooting thing). I don't know about you, but I would think that you wouldn't want to give your child money to throw sharp objects. Turns out I was wrong again. I saw many a children being given 5 knives for $2 to throw at frog's hearts. Violent much? Probably, but they looked like they were having so much fun that I threw some ninja stars... so sue me. I don't think it's an issue throwing weapons. Heck, it might even been a worthwhile skill come the zombie apocalypse.

All I have to say is, "What a bunch of hoodlums!"

So all of that being said, no, I don't really think your children are in danger at King Richard's Faire. Quite the contrary actually. I think they have an absolutely amazing time there.

Highlights from my day:

  • First things first, we noticed we came on the perfect day... the day of the Cleavage Contest!
  • Girl, you know I got my deliciously messy turkey leg.
  • The King's Nuts, enough said.
  • Our Knight was not the "champion" we hoped he'd be but it sure was fun to watch!
  • Me and my stud threw some ninja stars, and it was very much a fun time.
  • Baby tigers. Cuteness. Overload.
  • The best dressed of the day, Monty Python inspired.
  • Hoodlums in the making
  • My man left me in dungeons lockup.
Have you ever been to the Renaissance Faire?


  1. What a great post... looks like you had a fabulous time, Lady Amanda! Your photos are excellent. Would it be possible, at the request of the King, to change your blog post's headline to King RICHARD (of the FAIRE) instead of King Arthur (the flour)? Easy mistake... it happens all the time. :)


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