Monday, September 16, 2013

Brimfield Friends and Finds

Last weekend, I took in Brimfield (a town and what people call the antique shows) for the first time ever and I have been thinking all week about how I need to share with with you guys. I had a great time with my new friend Holli (met her at a wedding, it can happen!) and we were both debating how it was going to be haggling prices in person because neither of us had done it before. Let's just say that the fear subsided once we saw how effective it would be. There were so many interesting things on hand, from the ordinary to extraordinary, that I thought I would share some of my favorite shots as well as my fanciful finds! I think I would have gotten more if I had been able to carry more haha!
Old Metal Turn Knobs

Some of my favorite things to look at while we were there, were the ordinary things that just seemed special in this atmosphere. At least once or twice, Holli and I said "Oh, this would be really cool to do something with"... what? We didn't know, we just knew that the creative juices were flowing a little at Brimfield, at least I can speak for myself when I say that I had all sorts of ideas coming out of there.

Something interesting about a bunch of dirty billiard balls, am I right?
So what did I get?

This elephant caught my eye from afar. Yes, I do have an affinity for elephants so it doesn't take much but when I saw the price tag, I was like "Heeeellllll no, I'm not spending $65 on a brass elephant... but I thought why not see what the lowest I could get the vendor to go was. It was the last day afterall. I used my first line "What is the best you can do on the elephant?" In my head, I made a deal with myself not to spend more than $40 on it as that would irritate my husband seeing as I how I certainly didn't need any new elephants around the house. As if by some wonderful coincindance, the vendor said "the lowest I can really go is $40 and I would only be making a few dollars on it." I wanted it and so it was done. 

When I saw these kitten hooks, I immediately thought of some place to hang our keys and somehow stenciling a play on words "Kitteys" or something like that. I haven't quite figured out what I plan to do yet but I just knew I had to take a handful home. This vendor had all manner of metal type things and I did have to think back to whether I had recently had a Tetanus shot but it was cool, isn't that what flea markets are about?

What I am going to do with these strange bird nets, I do not know. All I do know is that they have really interesting shapes, vintage netting and wire... and could possibly become really cool seasonal wreaths? Maybe? Or I can dissect them and use the netting for something and make the frame of the net into actual frames? Possibilities, possibilities.

The one thing that I did want to get while I was at the flea market was some sort of frame that I could make into a jewelry holder. I have seen all manner of frames with netting/wiring that look country cool and hold a heck of a lot more jewelry then my earring tree does. I knew I needed something and I happened upon the frame tent. Doug was a doll and didn't even make me haggle. He was basically looking for people to carry his merchandise off at a decent price, or next to nothing in my case.

Have you scored anything recently at a flea market? What do you think of my "treasures"?


  1. You're good at this haggling business! You will have to bring me along next time and teach me your ways!

  2. Oh my goodness, awesome finds! 2 things - 1. that dirty billiard ball pic is my fave - great colors and probably so much history there. 2. those kitty key hooks are totally perfect, can't wait to see how they end up looking holding keys!

  3. I also love the dirty billiard ball pic! Great finds!

  4. You saw them in the dining room, right? ;-)

  5. We went on the last day and I swear that the vendors were willing to basically give the stuff away so they didn't have to pack it back up! We shall go flea marketing soon!

  6. You're right, there is probably so much history with those billiard balls, I hadn't even fully thought about that. Cool, cool, cool!

  7. Oh my goodness your finds!! So jealous!! I was nottt fab at haggling at Brimfield, though in my defense the seller wasn't present so understandably her stand-in couldn't go down too too low. Can't wait to return for the next one!

  8. Wow- you got some cool pieces! Can't wait to see how you re-imagine everything. Love the "vendor haggled himself" on the frames, haha. :)


  9. I love the kitten hooks!!! Too cute and too purrfect.

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