Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zara Taylor UK

I was introduced to Zara Taylor UK via another blog that I write for (The Fashionable Housewife) and was immediately smitten with the jewelry from across the pond. Zara Taylor touts unique, vintage inspired jewelry with some sass added in for good measure. I can't take my eyes off of two pieces especially, that now belong to me and only me, Muhahahahahaha (that was a maniacal laugh if you hadn't caught on).

Corpse Bride Brass Necklace

The Corpse Bride necklace adds some edge to my propah image but it's still sweet, am I right? That skeleton's hair is lookin' good. I got a lot of compliments on this necklace and my Instagram followers loved it as well; I posted a pic as soon as I got it! Another one of my favorites was/is the Vintage Emerald Necklace. I look at it, I shed a happy tear and I wear it, boy do I wear it.

Vintage Emerald Necklace
Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a long, drawn out post about jewelry but I really do think you should check her collection out, because it's affordable, she ships internationally and Mama likes!

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  1. So lovely necklaces!:) xoxo

  2. Such cute necklaces.  I really love the last one. 

  3. the emerald drop is so pretty! I didn't notice the skeleton right away - that's was a nice surprise when I looked more clearly. Question did the necklaces come in the muslin bags? Were they wrapped in tissue or in a baggie or just placed in the bag? I picked up some muslin bags and wondered if I should wrap the jewelry before placing them in it. Thanks! 

  4. I recently bought a necklace like the first one! Totally in love with it! It adds that "something" to your outfit! 

    Kisses, B.

  5.  They came in muslin bags and were NOT wrapped in tissue paper but if you were wondering my opinion? I think they should have been wrapped in tissue paper first.... to protect the jewelry and also add that special somethin'!

  6. I agree, I feel like it needs a little extra something. Thanks my lady. I haven't forgotten about sending you wedding invite examples. I am wrapping up an invitation for a bride this month and once I order the printing I will send you over my examples - thanks for your patience :)

  7. i am completely in love with these! so gorgeous,
    your blog is wonderful!!!



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