Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Finale

Last night was the fateful night, who would win Project Runway All Stars? Would it be Mondo, the prints magician from the season where Gretchen won over him and the world was pissed about it? Would it be Austin, the whimsical designer with that feminine touch that most women would love to be, well, touched by? Or would it be Michael, who seemingly had less talent than the first two but could maybe pull our something amazing while we weren't looking?

Last week we watched our designers pull together a 6 piece collection in something like 4 days. It's unheard of! It's All Stars! ... It's kind of unimaginative. While I am excited to see what the designers pull together, Coco Rocha put it best this episode (after she had viewed their mini-collections) "Imagine what they could do with 4 to 5 months".. yes, imagine what absolutely amazing collections we could have seen in 4 to 5 months. I know Mondo and Austin could have really friggin' wowed us with that much time, but I digress.

I shall show you my favorite looks from each of the designer's collection as an overview. I don't care to discuss how Angela bored me to tears for the last time, or how Georgina Chapman looked pretty once again or how I don't want to hear Isaac Mizrahi say "Hello, kids" to any grown adult ever again.. I will just get on to the collections and the results.

I personally thought Austin's collection was the best but then I am biased and have always loved him. He described his collection something along the lines of a vampire who has lived for 200 years wears the clothes of their Jewish uncle. Yeah, it was strange; strange but beautiful. The judges thought that there were some really beautiful pieces but that the collection was a little bit rock n' roll and a little bit disjointed. All in all, they think Austin is a true talent.

Mondo's collection was stellar as expected. His "therapy" theme was creative but after the way that he treated people last week and his overall agitated attitude, I just couldn't bring myself to fully back Mondo this week. When he said he has never wanted anything this much, I didn't quite believe him because his tune was so different last episode. At any rate, the judges were very impressed with the total cohesiveness of the collection but were thrown off by small details like cartoonish pockets and some out of place accents. Again, the judges think that Mondo is a great talent.

Michael Costello surprised me. I didn't hate everything that he put out this week. His collection was, by far, the most commercial and being that I normally only purchase ready to wear looks, I appreciate this from him. The safari theme has been done before and in my opinion, is a little overdone but hey, he pushed himself. The judges were impressed with Michael for doing so well, but we all know that this competition was really between Austin and Mondo.

In the end, just as suspected, the Project Runway franchise gives its loyal subject the justice that they so desire. Mondo wins the whole kit n caboodle. While I am disappointed that my dear Austin did not take the grand prize, my man made mention that Austin will be fine. He got the exposure that he needed and I tend to think he is right. (Yes, my man does watch PR with me). Mondo and Austin embrace and we close this season of Project Runway. I am a little sad it's over but I am more than happy to bid this season adieu if only to get rid of Angela. Did I mention that she drives/drove me nuts?


  1. I like Austin collection!:) xoxo

  2. Thank god that's over. On to season 10! Oh Tim Gunn. How I've missed you.... 

  3. I loved Austin's collection and really thought he would win.  But I have to say I was really happy that Mondo won.  I am team Mondo and now I have a dress from the PR All Stars winner!!


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