Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger, What What?

Well a thank you very much Miss Angela Flicker of The Artist's House, you have very sweetly given me the Stylish Blogger Award! I have to thank Angela because I joke that she is my blogging mentor... her blog is one of the first creative blogs that I really took a shine to and LOVE to read. She also let me creepily befriend her via Twitter Haha ;so thanks Angela for being awesome! If you haven't checked out her blog, please do yourself a favor and hop on over there!

So this is how the award works.  Honorees do the following: thank and link back to the person that awarded them, share 7 things about themselves, and pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers. This is a great way to make some hard working bloggers feel special! I know I work pretty hard to make my blog stylish and in the very least, decent to look at and read... ok, so let's get to the juicy stuff!

7 incredibly INTERESTING things about me, in no particular order:

  • It took meeting my boyfriend to really believe in myself creatively again. Going to school for Business really took a lot of the creative juices out of me. He is the guy who gave me the push to be a "crafter" again and blog about it. He is the guy who encourages me even when he might not know what he is looking at. He is the guy who reads every single blog post. He is my biggest supporter.
  • Some of my favorite people are actually animals. A Shetland Sheep Dog named Henry Winkler (after the Fonz) and a Calico named Sigourney Weaver (her mother looked pregnant with Aliens)
  • I am a Bravo TV addict. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I will watch 99% of any programming on Bravo. It's probably pretty pathetic but I don't care. Real Housewives of Poughkeepsie? I'd watch it.
  • Celine Dion has been one of my favorite people since I had her on cassette in the early 90's. Think Twice? Almost best song ever. I met her in person and she was dazzlingly French Canadian.
  • I collect fabric like it's going out of style and in the process am probably collecting fabric that actually is going out of style... so all in all, I have a lot of fabric. 
  • Human suffering, in any shape or form, even my own, keeps me up at night. I worry a lot. Even though I don't know you per se? I'll worry about you, so don't worry. 
  • Despite my best efforts in NOT adopting some of my mother's less desirable habits? I now have a "sock" basket. ( This is a basket where socks are thrown when they come from the dryer. This basket acts as storage for said socks and often leads to pairs being separated from one another for extended periods of time and sometimes, GASP!... never reuniting. How sad.)

I really appreciated the Stylish Blogger Award. More than anything? I am really happy to have some great blogging encouragement out there. My blog just turned 6 months on the 4th of January and really, I cannot believe how far a little hard work and encouragement  has taken me so far. The online creative community is an amazing one and I am so happy to be a part of it, every little part of it.

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  1. Yay, congratulations!!!!!!!! It takes so much courage and bravery to create a blog out of the internet ethers. You definitely deserve this award! When I first saw your comments during the crafty blog hop I was struck by what a cute name you picked for your blog, too. Love it!

    I really enjoyed reading the seven interesting things about you, too :) the part about Bravo made me crack up :) I have some pretty strange TV watching habits myself (Intervention? Wife Swap? Say Yes to the Dress???) hahahaha

    Have a great Friday!


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