Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happiest of New Year's, my friends

I thought that that a great start to the new year would not be to lay out my resolutions (one of which usually includes a post-holiday diet) but rather, I would lay out some charitable organizations that I either have worked with or would like to work with in the future... and vow to volunteer my time or donate as much as possible this year. So here I am sharing where I want to spend some of my extra time and resources this year. I hope you approve ;-)

I did the Breast Cancer 3-day a few years ago and have not forgotten what an amazing experience it was to walk 60 miles in the blistering heat (no lie over 100 degrees one day) for a mighty good cause. Please note: I was not being sarcastic. (See previous post about why this is near and dear to my heart). My goal this year is somehow to get involved again, whether it be to walk, volunteer or donate some sweet moola.

What an amazing cause for a crafty girl to partake in. You basically whip up some pillowcases but these aren't just any pillow cases... these pillow cases go directly to kids suffering from different life changing illnesses. That was my blurb but read the longer (and more inspirational) version here. They give you the tools, and where to get your charitable craftiness on, so I am thinking why not? It would be fun an fulfilling for sure.

I have always wanted to volunteer with the Special Olympics and even went as far as to work on planning a trip out to Boise for the Winter Games (unfortunately it was going to be WAY too much work for me at that stage in the game) but this year, I thought if I gave myself a goal of volunteering at one event and then maybe another, I'd get my feet wet and also get a lay of the land, so to speak. I looked up my Massachusetts chapter and already requested to be added to the volunteer database. First step, taken.

I always him and haw on the morning of my once a month Big Sister opportunity but I ALWAYS feel great after completing that day's activity. I volunteer for the girls on the waiting list for a Big Sister. This is a way for them to get out and socializing while they are waiting to be placed with that special someone. It is a year long, once a week committment and I am honest with myself about not being able to do that. Truthfully though? For the most part, I make a new little friend every time I pick one of them up for skating, self defense courses, the museum of science and so on an so forth. I want to keep this up this year of our lord 2011.


  1. you rock and are so inspiring! I have been a member of a Phoenix Philanthropists group for over a year but, have only participated a handful of times. I am trying to work on that this year along with volunteering at my son's school. thanks so much for sharing. keep up the stellar work and wishing you the happiest of New Years!

  2. Love, you are so inspiring and make me feel so fortunate to have you as my daughter!Happy New Year, see you soon!

  3. This blog really does rock...I just have to figure out how to suggest it to other friends now! You are so creative and it's exciting to see what's going on in your crafty corner of the world! Love you and keep up the awesome work!


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