Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sea Lillie, a New Fave

I recently entered a giveaway at Olivia Carter's For Me blog (which adorable or check her out on twitter @oliviakcarter) and was so elated when I won the Flower Petal necklace by Sea Lillie. The reason that I am busting out this blog post is because I just received my necklace in the mail yesterday... and I.AM.IN.LOVE. This necklace is the prettiest most dainty-ish little necklace that I have ever put on. The picture does not even do it justice.

Anyways, the girls at Sea Lillie are just the lovliest and I surely intend on going back over for this gorgeous little creature (see below). My love of elephants and charitable goodness combines in the adorable Hope Necklace. 100% of the profit from this sale will be donated to The Give Life Project, an initiative aimed at giving help, giving hope and giving Life to those who are in desperate need in Zambia, Africa. Please visit their website for more information:

I have found a new favorite in Sea Lillie and am hoping you will check them out as well. I love to share when I have found a talent (well that is new to me).


  1. what an amazing bit of sweetness to win! congrats. the hope necklace is darling. elephants + charity = just your thing!

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  4. That cutie pie elephant necklace looks oh-so fitting for a pregnant, elephant obsessed friend of ours!!!


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