Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Gifted Handmade this Year!

So to follow up on my vow to give Handmade or make gifts for the people I love (ala my A Crafty Holiday post), I wanted to highlight the treats that made it under the tree from my fave artisans and from my very own creative loins.

Falling Leaves by Pretty Things By Meg (for future sister-in-law)
Custom Knitting Needles from Lai Grai (For knitting sister)

A pair of earrings each from Creative Stash (for the sisters)

A Homemade apron each by ME! (for my Mom and Manfriend's Mom) Yay!

A bag for my sister's knitting by ME (for her 21st birthday present; birthday happens to be Christmas Eve)

Now, anyone who knows me, knows I like to shop for myself as well. My one treat this season? The Amarillo Earrings from Pretty Things by Meg which I  LOVE by the by.

Some crafty things I partook in that were gifts for myself? Made with some of my favorite holiday fabrics? This Christmas Tree Skirt was one of my shining achievements of this holiday season because #1 I imagineered it myself and #2 I totally whipped it up on a Saturday.

Anyhoo, I really felt good about my gift giving this year. I did more handmade than ever and I plan to build on that. What did you give handmade this holiday?!


  1. So happy to hear your sisters loved the earrings! your bag and aprons are amazing! i really should do a roundup of my gifts given as well. my kids are really loving their handmade gifts.

  2. Round it up Kristen, I would love to see what you got the kids!

  3. Creative Stash is such a beautiful shop! Lovely items there!


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