Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Christmas Tree is a Girl, so I made it a Skirt!

So this past weekend manfriend and I went on the daunting task of #1 getting him a new tie at Macy's for his Holiday party and #2 picking up our very first Christmas Tree together. Well Macy's was a breeze compared to finding a fake, green Christmas tree of the 6- 7 feet variety. They were all sold out everywhere!

We would have gone the real tree route but we have a pretty curious cat that has been known to climb into the real Christmas tree, proceed to knock said tree over and with it spilling real pine needles EVERYWHERE. You can see why we had some reservations about the real tree (ie we still don't trust her from years past).

I had my heart set on a Christmas tree this past weekend. The more places that we went and didn't find one, the more downtrodden that I got. Then manfriend was like, do you just want to get a white one? I had not eeven given that a thought because I was almost POSITIVE that he wouldn't want a non-traditional tree. Wellp, I was wrong and to home we went with a white tree, red and white lights and a renewed "in the air there is the feeling of Christmas" hop in my step.

Now we had some very specific ornaments that we picked out on our trip to CO over Thanksgiving. So we obviously had those in mind whilst thinking of our decorating goodness. See ornaments below:

Anyhoo, We decorated our Christmas tree and all was good with the world... until I decided that a skirt must be made for our wonderous Christmas tree, using some of the totally awesome Alexander Henry fabric I purchased from the lovely Pink Chalk Fabrics.

So I gatehered up some of my goods: Some paper off the roll (to make my pattern with) pinking shears, fabric, pins. interfacing and obvi my sewing machine with white thread in the machine and the bobbin.

I basically took a 30 x 30 piece of paper and folded it in half 3 times. Once I was there, I cut a circular shape at the corner where the center hole should be (I guesstimated the size and a little large at that). I then trimmed a triangular design on the other end so that each pattern piece would match.

I cut 4 pieces (or 2 of each on fabric folded over)of each type of four fabrics (8 pieces on top and 8 pieces on the bottom) and 8 pieces of the interfacing for between the top and bottom of the skirt pieces using my pinking shears (so that there was the least amount of fraying possible).


Top, Bottom and interfacing. 3 levels of the skirt

Kitten decided my makeshift pattern was also a nice nap spot. She is an angel! Ok so back to the project. I matched pieces up in the design that I wanted and simply sewed them together to create a pretty quick and easy tree skirt.

The finished product?


  1. Your Tree and Ornaments are SO PRETTY. Love 'em! I'm inspired to make my own proper tree-skirt now. Mine is a damn blanket wrapped around the base. Quite ugly.

    PLEASE do link this to my holiday link party today :) I love it: http://bit.ly/eEqNnT

  2. When it comes to fake trees, I feel you've got to go fake with them. I love the white trees. I vision having a little pink tree in my future craft room. (you know, when I get an actual room, not a coffee table...). I love the skirt, too! I wore our tree skirt while decorating. My husband thinks I've cracked...he's probably right.

  3. Ha Erin, that's too funny you say you have a coffee table! I have a card table in our bedroom... it's mine though and that's all that matters!

    PS. A little pink tree would be adorable! <3

  4. Wow, beautiful! I've never considered a white tree, but you make it look good. And that picture of your cat sleeping on the pattern- that is such a cat thing! I love it.

    (I found you through the Show Me Your Bush link party!)

  5. Ah love the fox ornament- we got the same one for Aiden! The hubs got a beaver. :O) And your tree skirt is awesome and has the hubs asking me to make ours. Alas needle and thread are not my friend.

  6. Thanks Helena, the key to that white tree was the string of white lights and string of red lights. The cat and I sit staring at it, entranced! haha

    Jessica, mayhaps someday we can teach you a thing or two (or how to use stitch witch haha)


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