Friday, December 3, 2010

Petal and Pink, Yes Please

Hey Hey Hey, so I exciting news of the week is that I won a pair of earrings from that ab fab Petal and Pink, can you believe it? ... I have won things before (Indigo Girls tickets... the closer I am to fiihiiiiine, yeah) but I must say that when Erin let me know I had won her Icicle Earrings, I had been having a crap day. Mayhaps the stars aligned so that my day was made to be 100 times better with just one tweet. See my soon to be lovelies below:

Erin wrote a super little blurb about mi little ol' bloggie so I thought I would write a little bit about Petal and Pink because #1 Her jewelry is snazzy and pretty and pretty snazzy #2 I am returning the bloggin' love and #3 Upon giving her my address we realized that we are not very far away from eachother... Totally small world, am I right?

Anyhoo, I wanted you to check out her Etsy shop because her jewelry is romantical and feminine... I wanted you to check out her blog because among other things she has "Outfit of the Day" posts which are adorbs! If you are addicted to Twitter like me? You can Follow her @PetalandPink.

In closing, I love me some crafty goodness. I love me some local crafty goodness. The only thing I think I would change about Ms.Erin of Petal and Pink? Is her dislike of cats. My kitten is an angel I tell you, an angel.


  1. thanks so much for the shout out! my dislike of cats is solely based on my severe cat allergy. I'm sure if my body didn't physically reject them, I'd be fine with them. I'm an animal lover of all kinds!

  2. I kid, I kid... I am sure you wouldn't be allergic to my kitten because she is amazing and probably grew hypoallergenic fur because she is that amazing.


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