Friday, July 9, 2010

Patterns and such that are inspiring me...

Since I haven't really been around to get some creative stuff done, I took my time away as a chance to be inspired by simple things around me. While we were staying at BF's parents' house, I took some pictures of the prints on future mother in law's furniture. They aren't really prints you see every day and I thought they were cool...

One is her vintage couch and the other is a chair set that has been in the family for decades, literally. I found the color combos to be quite neato, yes?

 After walking around the property a bit, I found a couple interesting patterns and wild flowers that made me smile. You don't know what will inspire you and on what day but someday I thinky that I looky at these and be like "Whoa, I gotta do something that reminds me of that!" Like if you look closely at the greenery, it almost looks like it's made up of hundreds of tiny little circular parts which is fascinating to me.

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