Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Needlepoint is for Grandma... or a 28 Year Old Crafter!

So as I mentioned before, I have been Canadian smocking like it was my job... well smocking and also doing some needlepoint. Yes, needlepoint but not like granny needlepoint... Prim and Propah needlepoint.

Man friend and I went to a used bookstore on Saturday to toddle around and I found some great old sewing books and a needlpoint book from the 70's. Since I do find some inspiration in vintage feeling things, I thought it was only fitting to try out some of the patterns that most definitely felt dated and put my spin on 'em. I worked on a "P" for the greater part of my Saturday evening... and before you think I am a loser for being in on a Saturday night, we had spent the entire day out and about, it was friggin' hot and we were tired. Ratatoulle, ice cream and needlepoint seemed like a perfect night in.

I am pretty excited to take some more old fashioned techniques and try them out, see if they fit into what I am cookin' up. I am pretty sure they haven't changed all that much but it's still cool to see things styled a little differently. Mmmmhmmmm. 

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