Monday, March 13, 2017

So Cozy Natural Haircare for Kids

I have two children, one with hair and one with barely any but to find products that I can use on both, especially a sensitive infant head, well that is one of my new challenges. You know me, I'm all about the clean bath+body products and that goes 150% for my littles. When SoCozy was like Amanda,  you've got to try these hair care products for your babes and don't worry, there are "No Nasties"... well, I said let's do this! SoCozy is a brand born of the idea that kids hair care is important and really does require it's own attention.

When I grabbed the new Hush Sensitivity line at Target and when I brought them home, Wesley was beyond excited to have his own products. As a blogger and eco-beauty junkie, he's pretty used to seeing Mommy with tons of products that we sometimes play with together... but this is his own "thing" and he loved it immediately. The soft bristle brush on his shampoo was something he showed to Daddy during bath time and besides being practical, it was a lot of fun for him. He adores getting his haircut now and I think the next step is to let him play around with styling. Obviously, I'm not going to give him a can of aerosol hairspray and let him go to town. A safe hair care styling product for sensitive kids is a fantastic get. I know, a three year old doesn't need to style his hair but I like to give the kid options! What I love about the Hush collection is that we can have shampoo, scalp treatments and styling products that I don't have to worry about putting on a toddler's or my tiny little baby's head. Actually, Teddy's head is pretty dry and flaky so the sensitive scalp treatment might get a little action to sooth his irritated scalp. Sensitive baby skin is no joke. The SoCozy line gives me one less thing to worry about.

SoCozy is So Smart, So Safe, So Easy and So Cool:

So Smart: Genius is more like it. SoCozy believes knowledge is power, which is why education is at its core—the pulse of the brand—so you’ll always find the latest advice, solutions, tips, and trends.

So Safe: No nasties in there; just good, clean, honest formulations with ingredients that perform at the highest level. SoCozy is always safe and effective, and completely non-toxic.

So Easy: Because being a parent isn’t always easy, SoCozy makes hair care that is. These simple, fun, multi-functional products streamline tub time to make styling a snap.

So Cool: Take a strand. SoCozy encourages and supports individuality. For all kids and any hair type—SoCozy’s mission is to build confidence and inspire originality.

The folks over at SoCozy want you to be able to shop their collections yourself so are going to be giving one Prim and Propah reader $50 Target gift card to shop for themselves! I'm excited for you guys to try this amazing brand's great products for our littles' hair. You won't regret giving them a try whether you are looking for products for sensitive heads, curly hair, swimmers or even (shhhhh) lice. They've got a good thing going over there so be sure to check out SoCozy!

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*This post was sponsored by SoCozy through Brandbacker but all opinions are 100% my own. I love to spit the truth. Thank you as always for supporting Prim and Propah and the brands that make this space possible.

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