Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nuk Naturals When You Can't Nurse All Day

*This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions are my own.

This post has to do with breastfeeding (it's normal, people!) and nipples and such, so just putting that out there now. Truth time, with my first baby (now a toddler), breast feeding was a STRUGGLE. Seriously, those who know me and who have talked to me about my kids, know that when Wesley went to daycare at 3 months, when I went back to work, he went on nursing strike and then never really came back to me. It was a really emotional experience because I felt really strongly that he should be breastfeeding when he was home with me but alas, even the best efforts were not in the cards for us. He must have like the efficiency and ease of a bottle, I don't know, he was a baby and I forgave him. I pumped for 10 months so that he could have the liquid gold... I vowed not to put myself through it this time. Thankfully, the new baby is a much better nursing buddy and we're actually quite successfully navigating it this time around. That being said, I simply can't nurse all day and sometimes I want my husband to take the duty so that I can get some other things done. Enter Nuk Simply Natural.

Nuk Simply Natural sent me some of their new bottles to try. They're actually pretty great in that they are as close to nursing as a bottle can get and I love that. A lot of doctors and lactation consultants will tell you that there is the chance that if you introduce a bottle or pacifier somewhat early on, you risk the chance of your baby having nipple confusion. So what happens when the nipple you're using is as much like a real nipple as possible? Well, it actually works out quite nicely, it turns out.

I'm the type of girl who is ready and willing to breastfeed in public, like let's say in a Target dressing room or in the front seat of my car or at a friends house. But when I'm out out to lunch with my other son and husband or even if I have to run out and leave a bottle with the man, these Simply Natural nipples are as close to providing the best possible latch and "breast like" experience. They're modeled after a breast shape and have up to nine nipple holes to release milk... did you know that a woman's breast has multiple nipple holes that milk can come out of? Yeah, me neither until I had a baby and milk started coming out haha! These bottles are great, there are different flow rates so as baby gets more efficient in feeding, you can feed him much faster. Superb! I like to nurse if at all possible, and I think Teddy does too but if I'm in a pinch or need something more convenient, these are a fantastic option for Moms looking to keep that breastfeeding bond as close as possible.

Even though this is a sponsored post, you can see that I've already used these with lil' Ted on our trip out as a family this past week. I had hoped we would have time to nurse before we left but as Moms (and Dads) out there know, being on time with kids is most often a miracle. I would recommend giving these bottles a shot, especially if you're looking to switch back and forth between bottle and breast. Who knows, had we sent these bottles to daycare with Wes, we may not have had such a problem! These are totally easy to find, whether it's in their site or they're also available at Walmart and Target . Nuk also has Freemie Cups (available at Walmart and Target) that I'll be talking about next week!

What are your tips for breast to bottle and back to breast?

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