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Local Lovin': eu2be Skincare

I first met Charla of Eu2Be at the first ever W.E.L.L. Summit, and I thought she had the best business cards ever; she attached small samples of her eu2be nourish + nurture lotion. I thought that this was so clever and I guess it worked since I haven't forgotten that meeting since. It's been over two years. So guess what... this Local Lovin' piece is about two years overdue! *scrunches her face*. You know that I love to write about local brands, especially eco bath+body brands from New England. Eu2Be is just another great example of a woman owned business with integrity and quality, a brand that cares about the impact they're making and the story they're telling (see Charla's Story here).

Give us a little background as to how Eu2Be came about. What initially drove you to start your brand? 

Two unmet needs. Although there are scores of natural skin care products on the market today, few of them are crafted from unique formulas, and most are designed for the face. That’s why I created Eu2Be—nourishing, luxurious everyday skin care staples for the body, made of rare blends of up to 15 high-functioning, skin-conditioning oils.
Secondly, skin needs a new story—one that is defined beyond makeup and mirrors, one that embodies the belief most of us have about beauty which is that it more than skin deep.

When creating your products, where do you take inspiration from?

From women who are highly discerning, health-minded and passionately fearless about their birthright 2Be beautiful on their own terms, like my Aunt Eugenia for whom Eu2Be is named. These women nurture their beauty by caring for the skin they live in, not just the face they present to the public. I am equally moved by the power of culture to inspire, inform and protect us, which is why Eu2Be products are formulated not with a single, magic ingredient, but with culturally-prized oils that meet the gold standard of being multi-tasking oils handed down from generations of ancestral achievement.

I love that you have shaped your business around being safe and natural . Why is this important to you?

Thanks— I honestly believe that product safety is a concern and requirement of any ethical brand. By the way, a product can be natural, organic and unsafe... I read labels, all labels—food, clothing, skin care, you name it. I grew up in a family that valued farming traditions, where things come from and eating natural foods. So being natural is a way of life for me.

In designing Eu2Be products, product efficacy and experience—how products make you feel and how your skin feels hours after you’ve applied them were primarily important to me.

What do you love to do in New England, when you aren't busy running your business?

I’m so happy you asked! Not necessarily in this order but nature, the arts and food experiences top my list. We live in a rich landscape that offers us so much diversity of place: beautiful natural, green spaces, an ocean, waterways and historic cemeteries, parks and sites. And I am grateful to live in a city where I can experience world-class art from our symphony and theaters to contemporary art and performances. So I spend time exploring and supporting the arts.

You have certainly found some fantastic early success! Where do you see Eu2Be headed in the future?

Beauty drove me to start Eu2Be and I am trusting beauty to lead our way forward. The revolution will be moisturized! But first we have to define beauty in a larger way. Eu2Be is headed to the front lines where women are empowered to be the guardians of what is precious to us, starting with the care of our skin.

I've had the pleasure of using Charla's Eu2Be products and they live up to the high standards that she's set for herself and her product. They are luxurious without being fussy and they have a certain something that I can't explain but I feel special using them. See the artwork that Charla sent with some information? Special, no doubt about it. All Eu2Be products contain powerful combinations of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. There are also no glutens. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No toxins. No GMOs. No animal testing. No questionable ingredients. You know what that means? No Worries about what you're putting on your skin. I love that. You know I do.

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