Sunday, December 1, 2013

Twice, an Online Second Hand Shopping Experience

So I was out with my friend Erin and we were chatting about buying things second hand when she mentioned the website, Twice. What is Twice, you ask? Well, it is a site where you can buy and sell, very lightly used but still very wearable brand name pieces of clothing. I was intrigued by the idea when Erin told me that she sent a handful of items to them, using a prepaid shipping label, and they then sent her an offer for what they deemed of quality condition. She told me they didn't accept all of her items, though she had sent what she thought was in great shape but that she knew if she were ever to buy from them, she knew their standard were tippy top.... so I did some digging and found over 10 items that I thought I should give a second chance at life with someone who would actually wear them!
When I really took a look at what brands that Twice was accepting, I knew that I shopped some of them heavily (Gap, Rachel Rachel Roy, Ann Taylor etc). I found some blazers hanging in my closet I had literally worn once, a dress I had never worn and some other items that were impulse buys that never made their way into my rotation. I downloaded and printed a label at home, carefully folded and placed my clothing in a box and dropped that bad larry at the Post Office. (You can also request a free prepaid bag, if you would prefer) Then, I waited for the "offer."

I really did think that everything I sent to Twice was to their standards. Of the 11 items that I sent them, they made an offer on 9 stating that two were dated. I could imagine which two items those were so I was not upset. I could choose to get a specific amount in "cash" or a slightly higher amount as credit in the Twice shop. I know what you're thinking, take the cash! But to look at their site, they do actually have a pretty good selection of clothing from brands I like, ;-) go figure. It was actually a tougher choice than I thought. I did make all that room in my closet after all.
At the end of the day, the clothes that I sent weren't being worn and would have eventually made their way into a donation bag so I did get a little sweet cash back. Whatever Twice did not make an offer on will be donated to the Goodwill (you can receive a donation receipt for your taxes) so I did not to worry about the rejected items. They will find their second home.

I will use Twice again, perhaps more than twice, when I have stockpiled some more clothes I am not wearing. I found it to be a pleasant and seamless experience from what I deem to be a trustworthy site. I am always looking for new life in "old" clothes. Plus, I didn't have to sell my clothes piece by piece on my own, which can be such a pain in butt, believe me, I've done it!

Have you ever tried Twice? What did you think?


  1. What a great concept and seems even easier than consigning at a store! I'll have to check this out, thanks for the tip!

  2. I might have to consider this place if my internet sale does not go as planned. Thank you for putting it out there.


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