Monday, December 16, 2013

A Ladies Holiday Get Together, Seagrass Studio Style #ECSHoliday

Last weekend, I was invited to a highly stylized blogger get together at the gorgeous home of a gorgeous blogger friend, Elizabeth of Seagrass Studio. Not only did I attend (obvi, I am high style) but a lot of other highly fashionable bloggers (friends) attended as well. We were brought together to showcase some of Elizabeth's most recent jewelry designs for the Winter season, a look book of sorts. Not only did we have a great time checking out her gorgeous jewelry but we had a very fancy and stylish party with yummy drinks, food and a puggle who gives wonderful kisses. Check it out!

Elizabeth hand paints a lot of her jewelry so it's pretty freaking awesome to see the craftwomanship in person. We all donned a piece or two for the party, something that complimented what we all were wearing.

#ECSHoliday (that was the party's hashtag) had it's own signature cocktail because of course we had to. It had all manner of yumminess in it that I could not partake in (for obvi reasons) but according to the other girls, it was darn delicious. I would imagine if you mixed POM, Champagne and limited edition Grand Marnier Peach goodness, there would be some magical drink that would come of it. Not to worry about the bloggers with child, we had some of the yummiest, natural tasting Spindrift soda that hit the spot.

Kate of DomestiKatedLife mixes up some yummy cocktails!

The food everyone made was equally as delicious as the drinks we partook in. The ladies took lots of care in making delicious treats that looked fabulous as well... you know, because we had to keep the style level up ;-). In addition to the delectable treats, Kelly, of Toyidermy and It Gets Me Every Time fame, brought some fancy gold place card holders so we could identify every tasty tidbit we would be eating.

Many thanks to all the ladies (Elizabeth of Seagrass Studio, Kelly of Gets Me Everytime, Alaina of So Alaina, Janee of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard, Alex of Literally Everything, Anna of Dear Friend Blog, Kate of DomestiKatedLife, and Anathalia of Scavagenius) for making a Sunday afternoon, stylish, yummy and fun! I loved spending time with each and every one of you, even the puggle seen below smiling at all of the love and affection she received as the honorary canine guest of honor. ;-)

What do you think of our #ECSholiday lookbook Holiday party?


  1. Obsessed with the photos from #ECSholiday! It looks like you all had a grand time - and that jewelry....beautiful!

  2. thank you for this! you're a doll and I'm so glad you were able to come. oh, and drinks are on me when you're done cooking that kid. xoxoxo

  3. FENWAYYYYY! Gah it was so much fun! My weekends haven't been the same since then. Everything feels so incomplete!

  4. wow, the details here are amazing! how do i get on the guest list for the next party? haha!

  5. this looked so fun! i hope Elizabeth does it again and that I can go!

  6. This sounds like just the best day! Elizabeth's work is STUNNING, love that lady.


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