Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Framed Jewelry Holder

I am sure you remember my trip to Brimfield a couple of months ago (my first time, yay!) where I scored some pretty awesome deals. One of the things I was on the lookout for were some cool older frames to make a jewelry holder with. I have seen all manner of cool versions of vintage frames and chicken wire on Pinterest, leading to a really cool way to house lots of baubles. I am at the point where my poor jewelry tree is over encumbered with the trinkets I have been collecting over the years so this project wasn't just for fun but it is for function too!

Guess what, pretty chicken wire is somewhat hard to find. I went on the lookout and ended up getting impatient so opted from some gardening fence in a grid from the hardware store. Since I wanted a sort of artistic feel to the "piece" I used some of the netting from some of the bird traps that I bought from Brimfield as well. Harder to work with than I thought, I wouldn't do it again haha... but so I was able to come to an end result that I was pretty pleased with and actually functions as a decent jewelry holder.

Things I used: Older Picture Frame (cleaned), Gardening Fencing, Strong Industrial Stapler/Staples, Wire Cutters, Old Bird Netting (cleaned)

I started with the bird netting from the strange bird traps that I encountered at the flea market. Plainly put, they were a pain in the ass to take apart and to put back together on the frame. In total, I took apart 4 of these nets and somehow managed to put them back together for an effect. Where there is a will there is a way but please make note that the little pieces of what appears to be wire are, in fact, actually little pieces of wire. Not my finest idea but when I am determined, it is hard to stop me! I used a light glue to keep the netting place because I knew I would be using staples later on for the garden fencing. No use in over stapling, since I wasn't 100% sure how well the frame was going to hold up.

I measured the frame and then used my wire cutters to cut a piece of fencing to fit the back of the frame, being careful not to overlap the edges of the frame itself. This is when I really got a good idea of how complex an industrial stapler can be. It's hard when you aren't used to using one, to line it up over tiny (sort of) lines in fencing but girrrrrrrrl, I was determined. I managed to attach, on all sides, the fencing to the back of the frame, also securing the bird netting in with the staples.

I used the layer of netting as well as the layer of fencing so that I would have options as far as mounting jewelry. Any avid jewelry collector knows that not all earrings, necklaces and bracelets are designed the same. That being said, I feel it was a good decision as when I started adding my jewelry to the holder, as expected, some items were just harder to keep on there, hoop earring for instance. Just looped 'em right onto that netting. In any event, I like the rustic look that this piece brings to our bedroom. It is pretty, interesting and functional... and pretty easy to make once you get the hang of using a staple gun!

What do you think? I was pretty proud because dude, it's super functional. 


  1. So clever I am the absoloute worst at DIY

  2. You could do this one, It's easy, just takes some time!

  3. Thank you, dear! It was one of those things where I had all the stuff and it only took me 3 months to finally getting around to putting it together haha!

  4. That's beautiful! Not only is it functional but a work of art as well!

  5. What a clever idea! Look at all of those beautiful earrings. I like the rustic look.

  6. I love it!! Awesome idea.

  7. i am quite impressed!

  8. Its looking really awesome and its very clever ideas to consider.
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