Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Un-Belizeable Honeymoon Pics

You know when you take tons of pictures and it takes you months to get them off your camera? Well this is one of those instances where I went on a honeymoon, took a ton of pictures and haven't shown anyone... well that is about to change. I present to you, highlights from our trip to Belize, complete with bird pictures, which surprisingly enough were nearly 75% of pictures taken. Turns out, we really like birds. Also, please make note that I did not wear makeup for the entirety of our honeymoon. Please also note, I may update you with wedding photos when they become available, which would make this post and the one out of order, but if nothing else, I live my life on the edge ;-)

We flew into Belize International airport though, it was unlike any I had been in before. Once we landed there, we boarded a much smaller passenger plane that took us to San Pedro Island, which was about a 15 minute flight. 

We stayed at one of the best resorts on the island, Victoria House, which offered us a private dock, beach and some of the loveliest grounds we saw on our travels through San Pedro town and Belize itself.

I loved the pelicans though the locals think they are super annoying but we seriously sat on our first entire day on the beach, watching pelicans effortlessly dive for fish. It was really cool, I don't care what anyone has to say about it! We also had a hummingbird and some randoms that lived outside our balcony at the resort. These little guys took up a lot of our time trying to catch on film. I suppose you could call us amateur bird watchers now as well as amateur shark/dolphin watchers as well as amateur iguana watchers. We like animals, OK?

We did our fair share of exploring the town as well as went on excursions to Belize mainland. We had a fantastic time relaxing, taking in the absolutely glorious weather and myself, not wearing any makeup on my face for an entire week, sweet liberation!

 What do you think of my very condensed Honeymoon update?


  1. Awesome photos!! Such beautiful scenery!!

  2. Lovely photos..I could use a vacation... :)


  3. Well, Belize is a great place for a vacation haha!

  4. Amazing pics! I'm glad you had a good time! :-)

  5. Belize looks incredible, hope you had a fantastic time. Most of my pics would probably be of the birds too :)

  6. I would not mind a honeymoon on a plane, awesome photos!


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