Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alice + Olivia, Making It Up

One of my fave shows this past NYFW was the Alice + Olivia collection complete with the argyle tights that will be mine in the near future. Something I loved almost as much as the clothes on these models was the makeup. The choice that the designer and makeup artists took was a combination that I happened to LOVE and think was really wearable on a lot of different skin tones. Not only that, it was something that is wearable on a daily basis, not just on the runway. OK, maybe you wouldn't wear this to brunch on a Sunday morning but then, maybe you would. Life is for the living! Anyway, I had to try this combo out for the masses, didn't I?
I didn't have this color lipstick so had to use this as an excuse to buy some, which was very hard to justify ;-). The nail color, eye shadow, mascara and eye liner were all on hand so I took to adding all the elements together to recreate the makeup look that looks so lovely on so many different types of women.

I am sure the makeup artists at Alice + Olivia used really high quality makeup for the runway but us normal gals might have some nice makeup but we certainly can't afford to purchase MAC cosmetics in shades that aren't our forever staples. Anyhoo, I grabbed the goods and started painting face. I went bridesmaids dress shopping this weekend and in the daylight hours, I think this look was acceptable, though I think I will save it for more evening oriented events moving forward. It made these models gorgeous. It made me look a smidge on the pale(r) side.

Would you try this look yourself?

 *Amanda Necklace c/o NamePlateDepot


  1. Lovely shade of red. I also like the sparkly eye shadow. I am a fan of red lipstick so I do like this look. Thanks so much for your message on IFB and for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now on Google. Debbie @ilovemylemonadelife.com

  2. Thanks for stopping by Debbie! I do love IFB because it's a great place to find new blogs to read and "meet" new people <3

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Looking good!!!


  4. Jezz, I can always count on you to comment on a makeup post haha! I think the lipstick and my hair are not the best combo bit I'll keep tryin'!

  5. Sure thing! Maybe try a more rose-lilac color...is not as harsch and complements the hair...also great for fair skin!

  6. Lovely make-up :) :) xoxo KJ http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  7. i love the look and It is indeed very wearable! and you look great as well! You actually inspired to try it too!

    thanks for this lovely post!


  8. Love it!! I would totally try this look!


    Megan, To: Hello Beautiful

  9. Nermine that mascara is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I have tried so many and this one I can afford and does the trick! Thanks for stopping by <3

  10. Hey girl nice make up, specially 2nd last pic shade of your red lipstick it suits you. Necklace in last 2nd pic. I can hardly make out? Is that the "Amanda Necklace". Is it possible to put little clearer pic.


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