Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet Fall 2013

I have sort of veered away from covering all fashion shows during fashion season. I sort of feel like you will see a lot of the same things on all the fashion blogs and if you want to see good coverage, you likely have your go to sites. But when a collection catches my eye and makes me want to share, well, I'll likely share with you. Don't you know that my opinion means everything, dahling? Enter Alica+ Olivia's Fall 2013 collection full of wearable pieces, outwear that makes me cry it's so lovely and some rocking accessories, some of which I think I might have to try my hand at myself.

In as many words as I can spew forth, the following things are what I love about this collection: the zebra purse, tutu skirts, leather jackets, plaid rompers, knee high boots, lacey shoulders, the models' makeup, face pumps (future DIY), every jacket in the collection, argyle tights and turtleneck goodness. Can't you imagine at least one of these things fitting nicely into you Fall and Winter Wardrobe?

What do you think about this collection? Are you on board with me?

Photos via Zimbio


  1. Great styles , very creative & unique , i love them

    am following you now , wanna follow me back 2 ?



  2. I love the hair and makeup on the models!! x Sarah www.tribesandthings.com

  3. I know! I actually have another post I am working on devoted to just the makeup in this collection. Loved it!

  4. Love! Need to see more!

  5. I need to see more as well... hanging in my closet!

  6. Hair are a essential thing when we talk about beauty of women. So, I can say that these are unique styles of beauty.



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