Monday, February 18, 2013

Pattern Projects, DIYs and Living Happy: Using My Free Time More Efficiently

I have been busy for what seems like years, though I think it's probably only been about a year where my free time has been bogarted by planning a wedding. It's crazy to think about the amount of time that was put into planning a mere 6 hours of your life. My wedding day was fantastic, and I wouldn't have changed it for the world, but now I do feel that I have a lot more free time as of late. While planning the wedding, I was also taking a challenging class and channeled all free time into those two areas of my life. Now that those two areas are completed, I have found myself moving into a new house (yay!) but also re-evaluating how I use my free time... and making sure I use it wisely.

Thanks to Mom's daily inspiration book
After coming home from the honeymoon, to a new reality, I admittedly went through a post-wedding funk. I have heard it's actually quite common though for every bride it's for different reasons. I couldn't explain it and every time I talked to the man about it, we really just came back to me needing something to do. I had been going full steam ahead for so long that it was almost like I needed a hobby to fill my time. Not only did I need a hobby (of which I already have many), I was actually finding that I wasted a lot of time doing things that don't add value to my life, including ignoring said hobbies.

Do you know how much reality television I can watch if given the opportunity? Do you know how much time I can spend on the internet looking at imdb for every actor involved with the remake of Red Dawn? I am not saying there is anything wrong with it in moderation but I have been known to come home from work, pop in a pizza (as a means to feed me and my husband) and watch an entire night's worth of Love It or List It, without hesitation. After really getting to the bottom of why I was saddish, I knew that I wanted to make sure that I am actively trying to be better at what I enjoy doing rather than filling my time with things that don't help me live happy. Along with that I want to try to work harder at engaging with friends and family in a more real way. In these endeavors I am including schooling (which I have been back and forth on) and also just learning via other creative minds in person if possible. Actually having a conversation with someone in real life (ie a blogger event), I think I gain so much more than I would having stayed home, checked their twitter feed and watched Bar Rescue (which, I do actually love from time to time). I think that in this technology driven world, sometimes making connection with a person is being lost by the wayside.
For these reasons, I deactivated my personal Facebook account. I know what you are probably thinking, how could you do that? How will you keep in touch with your friends and family? Where will you play Cafeville? All of these are very good questions but I plan to do all of these things (save Cafeville) in a more personal way ie: write letters, make a call and set up real life meetups. You see, when I was really honest with myself, I realized that not only did I waste an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook doing absolutely nothing but I was also starting to feel disconnected in a "real life" way. It's sad when a text seems more personal than how a lot of communication is, via Facebook wall. And really? Being a creeper on people's Facebook pages, to me is not a valuable use of my time, and believe me, I can be a creeper. I set up a separate admin for my Prim and Propah Facebook page (to keep updates to followers available) and cut the cord on the personal account. While I had a bit of initial remorse, I channeled that extra time this past weekend, into actually working with my hands and making a kimono shirt (post coming soon) and painting our new master bedroom. Do you know how good it felt to not be attached to my computer or phone for a couple of hours? Actually, it was very tough at first haha but it quickly passed and I don't know that I'll ever need to reactivate the account. (Do not mark these words as a final decision has not been made as of press time ;-)

I do still love my Twitter and also feel like it's important to keep social media channels open for this blog, but there is a way to compartmentalize so that I am not always feeling compelled to check my phone for the latest tweets or previously, Facebook updates. I am really trying to not spend so much time on my computer, on my phone or in front of the tv. There is a time for blogging/tweeting/watching Bar Rescue and there is a time for teaching myself new sewing techniques/cooking a really special dinner/playing with the dog/ reading a good book and/or writing my Grandma a letter. So I am taking this new found, self imposed liberation and I am going to concentrate on things that I think will infinitely make me happier. I love this blog and will continue to cultivate it. I think I might add some pattern projects, new DIYs and trying new things into the mix. Heck, I think I want to learn how to make candles! I spend enough money on them, why not try to create my own? I already asked a couple of friends if they want to try our hand at it soon! This is the type of thing I want to fill my time with, little adventures in life, doing what I love and living happy.

How do you use your time to live happy?


  1. I love this post. I need to use my free time more wisely. And I want to make candles :)

  2. I had quite the void in my schedule once MBA studies finished - I'd spent 3 years working full time and studying, so all of a sudden a had a ton of free time... I've decided to still be 'productive' in my free time (writing, working on my site, professional development) but it's been a big deal for me to let myself just 'go with the flow' and pickup whichever book or project my heart desires in the non-productive far, so good!


  3. I love to lay back and relax believe me ;-) but I also know there is a fine line between relaxing and being lazy so I am going to try harder to find a balance... and yes, I am borrowing a book from Erin and we will make candles!

  4. Devon, I completely understand. Even when I want/need to slow down and relax, I sort of feel like I am not being productive. There is a balance to things and I need to find mine, so that I can enjoy the things I enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, as always <3 And congrats on an MBA, yeesh smarty pants!


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