Friday, December 15, 2017

Nora Mattress Review- Sponsored by Wayfair

*This post was sponsored by Wayfair. We (well, my sister) received a new Nora mattress for review. All opinions are 100% our own.

When my pals at Wayfair were like, hey Amanda, do you want to review one of our new Nora mattresses, I was legitimately bummed because look, we don't need a new mattress in our house as much as I would have loved to review one... but then I had an idea! Could I write a review with my sister? YES! Her and her husband just bought a new house this year and they've not had the opportunity to flesh out the guest rooms until now. Wayfair and the best sister ever just hooked up The Ward family with a new Nora mattress for all the out of town guests looking to stay at their home these holidays (us included)!

Wayfair shipped the queen sized mattress just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister Mallory and her husband Brandon made it their job to get a bed and some light furniture in their newly painted guest room for family to come and visit, comfortably staying in their home. I had the opportunity to try it out myself while the #propahfamily was visiting so we chatted about the mattress and what Mallory thinks of it! (Hint: It's veeeeeeeery comfortable)

The mattress arrived rolled up into a very compact and very light box, which my sister was able to carry into the house on her own. They opened it in the living room but would recommend opening it in the room where the bed is since it expands right into its glorious mattress-ness right away. So far so good, right? They set it up on a new platform bed with no boxspring but note that it could be used on one depending on what kind of frame you'd like to use. Most importantly, they absolutely think it's the most comfortable.

The layers of foam are gel infused and supportive and fit to your body like a glove. Also, a bonus for this lady (who runs hot), the mattress cover itself is jade infused which ensures that the bed stays cool while you sleep! Besides being super comfortable, the mattresses themselves are super affordable on Wayfair, so much so that I will very much take one into consideration when we're looking to outfit some bunk beds in the coming years. So to recap: delivers compact, lightweight, super comfortable, super affordable... what more could you ask for in your mattress?

Check out the Nora Mattresses on Wayfair today!

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