Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Night Out with #XfinityMoms

*This post was sponsored by Xfinity though all thoughts are my own.

Last week while my parents were up visiting, the man and I decided to combine some blogger business with a date night. We headed up to the Xfinity store at 3rd Ave in Burlington to have some tasty holiday inspired sips and snacks while learning all about what the team at Xfinity are working on this holiday season. I know it seems silly to take my husband with me, but listen, he likes gadgets and so it wasn't too much of a stretch to take him with me to play with some of the new grown up toys at the Xfinity stores. We joined some other local Moms to listen and learn.

I think it's hard for this non techy Mama to get into all the business that goes into your wifi, internet, mobile, cable and so on and so forth. I usually leave this all the my husband but when Xfinity put it into terms that I could understand, it became a whole lot more interesting. From the super high tech voice controlled remotes, you can not only search for your favorite movie, there's less to fuss about with your fingers. Add in the "Kids Zone" and parental controls, you can actually leave the room without your kids turning on some too too adult programming (because you know mine would!). They've got some really fun things on demand as well, like the Santa Tracker this holiday season, if that's your family's kind of thing!

If you're looking to control your "home" and such on the go, Xfinity mobile makes it really easy to carry it with you on your mobile device whether it's your phone or tablet. You can stream something like 200 TV channels and 40K online movies to your devices so on the go entertainment is covered, not to worry. They've also got some pretty amazing apps to check in on your home's security and energy management while you're out if you're signed up for Xfinity mobile service. As a busy mom who often forgets things, this is one less thing to worry about since you can do it on the go. Forgot to turn the thermostat down? No problem with the Xfinity suite of apps. You can get started with Xfinity mobile for as low as $12 a month as long as you have Xfinity internet. They offer an unlimited plan for $45 which totally makes sense if you have a big data lovin' family!

I think of all the things I learned about last week, my absolute favorite was the xFi pods. There's a spot in our bedroom that absolutely is too far from our router. I can't surf the nets while laying in bed, which is sometimes a bummer. With the xFi pods, you can boost your signal and get internet to all corners of your home, which to me, is clutch when I just want to relax with a Netflix show before bed. These are most definitely on my list of things to snag! I know for a fact that if you visit a store, they would be happy to answer all your questions and find a solution that fits your needs. It's nice to be able to work with people to create the right amount of "tech" needed for your home and family!

You can find your local Xfinity Store here and check out all their offerings on their site. Thanks for having us Xfinity, Happy Holidays!

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