Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Zanni, Made in LA

When I first met Suzanne, it was at some sort of blogger get together I'm sure. She's one of the trio behind Just Us Gals Boston and so that obviously means that I've been smitten with her for a very long time. Not so long ago, Suze made the trek across the country to live in Sunny California. Of course we miss her being on the East Coast but the move has spurred something amazing... Suze has started her own line of dresses, Zanni. They are "Dresses for Whatever" and that tagline truly fits these amazingly crafted, unique little technical dresses that you can feel good wearing for so many reasons.

Photo by Sarah Shreves
Zanni grew from the need to have a dress that could be the perfect fit for all of the things a modern woman can do in her day. From work, to the park, bike riding, chasing your kids around, meetings and on to dinner, there should be a dress that checks all the boxes. The fabric is dreamy! It's stretchy and soft and breathable and flattering and we can feel good about how it's made as well. Their fabric is sourced from an Italian factory with high standards for sustainable manufacturing practices. It was one of the first to comply with the Kyoto Protocol standards. And the dresses themselves are designed and made in LA with social responsibiltity as a priority. It's a dress that's made to move with you and that you can be proud to be wearing.

Per Suze, there are 3 main reasons she wanted to make dresses out of performance materials:

1. I knew how great I felt in my workout or "athleisure" apparel
2. I knew how long my workout clothes lasted (I seriously have Under Armour shirts from high school still)
3. I hate constantly changing for my day's activities

I can attest to these dresses being the kind of dress that you can move in. Personally, I am running after a three year old and if I need to do a quick lunge and grab to prevent him from running into traffic, this dress does not keep me from doing it. But in all seriousness, it's almost like you'll have to take my word for it or see it yourself to really, really appreciate how awesome the dress is and how great it moves.

The For Whatever Dress/ Photo by Sarah Surette

The For Whatever Dress/ Photo by Sarah Surette
It's not just the garment, it's the idea, the heart and soul that's put into creating it plus when it's created responsibly and built to last, well you've sold me something I'll love for years... I really do love my For Whatever Dress and while Suze has only just begun, I've seen so many cool, ecclectic women gravitating towards a new take on the little black dress. I can't wait to see how it grows and what the Zanni team has in the works for the future.

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