Monday, September 11, 2017

I Tried It: Kelia Skincare + a Giveaway!

I've been so fortunate to be able to try all sorts of different skincare products this Summer and as we wind down our warmer days and Fall starts creeping in, I am happy to start tinkering with my skincare routine to ensure that I am taking care as the weather changes. I had the opportunity to work with Kelia Skincare, using The Repair Serum. It's different than the face serums that I've been using all Summer and I'm so excited to work this product into my Fall routine for a few different reasons.

1. The Repair Serum is a lightweight but super effective serum, jam packed with lots of fantastic ingredients. Licorice root, Daisy Flower extract, Wild Yam, Goji Berry, Bamboo stem extracts, Geranium Essential Oil, all encourage your skin to brighten and firm up. As a woman creeping up into her 30's, it's important to me to find products that help me reduce fine lines, combat discoloration and sun damage. I've been using it for a few weeks in the evening and do feel as though my skin has started to look a little more radiant. It also has a light scent that is appealing without being overwhelming- the geranium really does come through.

2. The Repair Serum, along with the other two products from Kelia Skincare (The Night Cream and The Moisturizer) are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, which is a given if it's going to be in my home. There are so many cruelty free options out there that there is no excuse to use something else.

3. Kigelia Africana, a super versatile fruit extract, is used in the line and has a ton of proven benefits like being anti-inflammatory, firming, anti-oxident, and clarifying. Doing a little research on this tree, it's actually pretty neat. Besides the benefits of the extract, the 3 foot long fruits (yep, 3 feet!) can be dried to make beer as well as feed some of my favorite animals (Hi Elephants and Giraffes!)e

4. The Repair Serum makes my face feel good. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and is super luxurious. I have found that if a serum is going to break into my routine these days, it needs to feel luxurious. Applying my face routine is now a ritual and one that I take seriously.

If you don't want to take my word for it, try it yourself! My friends at Kelia are so stoked about what they're doing and want to share. One Prim and Propah reader will get the opportunity to try The Repair Serum (an $85 value) for themselves! Enter on the instagram snap below and Good Luck, my beauties!

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