Monday, August 21, 2017

I Tried It: Malaya Organics + a Giveaway

This has been a Summer full of amazing beauty products, well, new to me beauty products. I have been really enjoying introducing myself and you guys to brands that I can honestly recommend. Malaya Organics is one of those brands. Malaya is handcrafted in small batches and those batches are filled with whole-plant extracts that make them restorative, nourishing and known to boost elasticity (which is my new favorite thing). As I get older, it's these types of products that really pique my interest. I want them to work, I want my skin to respond positively and I want to be using quality products in my regimine. Malaya Organics checks all those boxes. I had the opportunity to try some of their most popular oils and I'll cut to the chase: I truly adore them.

Malaya Organics Body Oil in Woods- It's organic and wildcrafted- This particular scent is great because I feel like it's something my husband could use and not feel like he smelled too feminine even though I'm not trying to place specific smells on specific genders if you get what I'm saying. It's great as a bath oil and I would definitely use in the shower, though the bottle is glass so obviously, you'd want to be careful. This has mostly been my after shower body oil that I apply while I'm damp and it's made me so silky smooth Summertime ready. Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Argan Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Rosehips Oil*, Herbal extracts – [Arnica Flower*, Plantain Leaf*, Calendula Flower*, Chamomile Flower*, Yarrow Leaf and Flower*, Lavender Flower*, Elder Flower*], Proprietary blend of Essential Oils and Absolutes *^ including - Bergamot Oil*+, Bulgarian Rose Oil*, Sandalwood Oil*, Vetiver Oil*, Patchouli Oil*, Vitamin E Tocopherols (GMO Free).

Malaya Organics Rejuvinating Face Serum-  It's organic and wildcrafted- silky smooth, absorbs quickly and smells amazing but not overpowering. This face serum feels luxurious as far as quaility face oils are concerned, this is a top notch option. This stuff is the bomb and the bottle is super cute too! Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Camellia Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Meadowfoam Oil*, Argan Oil*, Siberian Pine Nut Oil^, Rosehip Oil*, Borage Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Herbal extracts - [Elder Flower*, Marshmallow Root*, Burdock Root*, Plantain Leaf*, Rose Petals*, Calendula Flower*, Chamomile Flower*, Yarrow Leaf and Flower*, Lavender Flower*], Proprietary blend of Essential Oils and Absolutes*^ including - Gardenia Absolute^, Bulgarian Rose Oil*, Jasmine Absolute*^, Neroli Oil*, Seabuckthorn Oil*, Sandalwood Oil*, Rosewood Oil^, Mixed tocopherols (vitamin E – GMO Free).

Malaya Organics Lavender Lip SaviorIt's organic, wildcrafted and sun whitened This lip balm is the stuff that dreams are made of, well, my dreams anyway. Lavender is one of my favorites and this lip savior is just that, a savior! It's SO silky and leaves your lips super moisturized and a little glossy. This is going to be my chapped lip, Winter go to, I just know it! Ingredients: Cacao Butter^, Beeswax+, Castor Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Herbal extracts - [Lavender flower*, Chamomile Flower*], Lavender Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Vitamin E Tocopherols (GMO Free).

Malaya Organic is definitely a brand that created gorgeous products with gorgeous ingredients. The blends are so my style and I will definitely put this on my top shelf, as in the products that I will come back to time and time again.

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