Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Tried It: Bella Aura Skincare

I've been trying a lot of different skincare products this Summer. To me, that's a great thing. Since having the second baby,  my skin has been changing. I have no idea if these are permanent changes or if it's due to the hormones. I do know that I've been working on keeping my skin happy in the heat and humidity, while breast feeding, while also trying to change my diet. All of these have an affect on me and what will work with my skin. I had the opportunity to work with Canadian brand Bella Aura, using an extended line of their skincare products for the past month. Bella Aura operates under the core values- believing in honest beauty, purity of ingredients and proving how they are different in the green/ clean beauty space (which is rapidly expanding)

The folks at Bella Aura sent me a full regimine to follow with their five product line. They called it the 'go with the flow' microcirculation facial, which helps to contour, lift and create a very in shape face. Apparently, the microcirulation facial circulates more blood and oxygen to your skin, repairing damage and building necessary cells. So yeah, I was pretty stoked to supercharge my beauty routine.

What I received: The Antioxidant Booster which helps your skin detox from all the grossness you encounter in a day, Daily Repair Moisturizer which delivers hydration to the skin while supporting the skin's natural collagen,  Instant Under Eye Lifting Cream which helps the sensitive skin around the eye firm up, reducing the signs of aging, puffiness, dark circles etc and so on, the Night Cellular Renewal which not only hydrates but fights the signs of aging by improving firmness, elasticity and retaining moisture and the Gentle Purifying Cleanser, which is what it sounds like but is also the foundation for the go with the flow facial.

So I've mentioned before that I'm not getting any younger. When I'm looking at new beauty products, I want both results and great ingredients... and by results, I mean, please make me look younger or at least stop the signs of aging. I want to promote healthy skin, keep my skin tone even, firm it up and if a have a healthy glow, well, then all the better.

The Bella Aura products themselves are above the standard as far as the ingredients are concerned. Using neroli, argan, fig de barbary and nigella oils, the Bella Aura Kamilah blend is tested and sourced from nature while also taking into consideration how the products can be used with one another to create emulsions (combination of serums and creams). So I can check this off the requirements.

The results part, well, at first I was a little taken aback at how much I had to remember when applying my skin care routine. My brain is fried come the end of the day because two kids... but once I got into the routine, it was really easy to dip and dap as I needed to. The products all have a very light but lovely scent and apply very smoothly. There was not a single one that I applied and left me feeling greasy- so they definitely absorb quickly. After using the products for a couple of weeks now, I couldn't tell you which wrinkles it attacked or where I specifically felt my skin had improved but I look at my face and see a healthy one. My skin is glowing people and feels soft and oh so healthy. And smooth, did I mention smooth? I should really do the regimine then post a selfie because I look that good, even with no makeup. It's a 5 product line that works and will last me because each step is regimented and precise. Want to see what the regimine was all about? Check it out below.

Tips from Bella Aura "go with the flow" microcirculation facial
- 1-2 minutes daily in AM and PM - use upward lifting motion
By using this technique you maximize the absorption of the vitamins K1 & K2 (which promote blood vessel elasticity), vitamin P (which reduces capillary fragility and increases microcirculation), Omegas 3,6,9 (improves blood circulation), vitamin B3 aka Niacinamide (which increases fatty acid ceramide levels in the skin to help the skin retain hydration) contained in our products.

1) Cleanse skin with Gentle Purifying Cleanser for 30 sec to 1 min
2) Mix Daily Repair, 4 drops, with Antioxidant Booster, 3 drops, in palm of hand
3) Dot mixture onto the 5 points of face: forehand, cheeks, nose, and chin
4) Using index and middle finger, gently massage upward along your jawline. Focus on where you want to lift - i.e. jawline and below cheekbones
5) Focus also on lymphatic drainage: Massage upward along jawline towards ears, around and behind ears, and then down the sides of your neck and outward to your shoulders
6) For laugh lines: Pull outward with same fingers to smooth away lines
7) Forehead lines, if any: Zigzag motion with index and middle fingers. If no lines: massage upward and outward
8) Eye contour: light swipe 1 pump under each eye and gently tap with 2 fingers to stimulate circulation

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