Thursday, March 30, 2017

SaltyGirl: Spreading Wellness through Beauty

You know when you come across a story and it just moves you? Enter the sisters behind Kennebunkport's SaltyGirl Boutique, Sarah and Leah. Their shop brings their customers natural, organic and safe skincare products as well as sustainable upcycled, USA made accessories and gifts. Two sisters, working hard to bring their down to Earth style to their New England and online customers... I loved them already... but their story doesn't stop there. In 2015, Sarah was diagnosed with Breast Cancer while 32 weeks pregnant, can you imagine? For obvious reasons, health, balance and family became more important than ever before. What's a girl to do? Well, give back! These two, along with their other siblings, started the Foundation 4 Love, their own non-profit that's like a Make a Wish for Adults!

As if that isn't enough, the SaltyGirls are bringing us their own line of lipsticks that, like everything in their shop, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to their foundation. Natural lipstick that empowers and also gives back. I LOVE IT! So do you want to know more about this new line and how you can get involved? Check out the video below on their IndieGoGo live now!

SaltyGirl Lips from LMV Productions on Vimeo.

  • YOU DECIDE THEIR FUTURE:  They have heard from so many people they have met over this last year.  They want to continue to provide excellent customer service, amazing education and now their own products made with the clean nourishing ingredients!
  • BIGGER THAN A PRODUCT:  SaltyGirl Lips is bigger than a natural lipstick.  They are here to empower women to be who they want to be, to express how they are feeling and to go out and be the strong, sassy, and sexy women they are!
  • HELPING CANCER PATIENTS: The SaltyGirl brand gives back a % of all profits back to their non-profit Foundation4Love which in turn gives back to those going through cancer treatment.  Often while going through treatment we can get consumed by our cancer diagnosis.  Through Foundation4Love they give back Spa Days, Dinner out, sporting events….whatever allows the cancer patient to disconnect from cancer and connect with loved ones.  They will continue giving back with every lipstick sold.
If you can't contribute financially, you can still make a big difference and here's how:
  • EDUCATION:  Learn more about the ingredients that are in your skincare, body care and cosmetics!  Remember it is just as important what we put on our bodies as it is what we put in our bodies!
  • CONNECT WITH US! Find them on Facebook and Twitter, and swing by their website to learn more. Also, find us on Instagram @saltygirlboutique
  • SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN! use the following link ( and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc! They want everyone to wear clean beautiful cosmetics and feel empowered.  They also want every woman and man going through cancer to be given the opportunity to disconnect from cancer and connect to love!   Please tag us/use our hashtag if you post on social media so they can send some love: @saltygirlboutique , #SaltyGirllips #GiveBackBeauty 

I just jumped in on the IndieGoGo, will you? Lipstick that acts not just in the interest of our beauty and health but helps cancer patients? What's not to love!

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