Monday, March 27, 2017

Easter Alert! The Paper Store Pail Sale

If you follow my Instagram stories, you may remember me posting last week about filming a quick video with The Paper Store about their Easter Pail Sale. You know that me, but especially the Propah Toddlah, well, we love The Paper Store. It's a love that has developed over the past couple of years and it's not going anywhere. So obviously, when it comes to the little guy's Easter goodies it made perfect sense for me to hit up my local Paper Store to grab all the things.

If you've never gone to The Paper Store for their Pail Sale, it's sort of Easter themed and it's most definitely fun. Purchase a pail for $3.99 and you get 20% off your entire purchase not just your Easter goodies. We took a spin around the store to fill my pail with the best stuff for the toddler. If I know one thing about my son, it's that his favorite color is green and that he's really into Trolls, Star Wars, the Red Sox and candy. He tells me every day. With my green pail in hand, I took time to snag some classic Easter gets, like a Jellycat bunny and Jelly Belly jelly beans but also some things that I know my guy loves: a Trolls book and keychain, Kylo-Ren bubbles (he most definitely digs the dark side *sigh*) and a lil' Red Sox guy. The Paper Store had a ton of different stuff so I had to pick and choose because I certainly did want it all. I was spying some of their Summer outdoor toys for my next trip in. As soon as the weather gets nicer, I will most certainly need some additional things to do with the boys.

I mean, how cute are the Easter eggs with sports balls designs? I gravitated right to them... I'm all set for Easter and even grabbed some Hallmark cards while I was there because I'm a lover of stocking up and getting those cards out on time. The only thing I have to take care of now is hiding the toddler's Easter pail until Easter day!

Want to get in on The Paper Store's Pail Sale? Head in from March 30th to April 2nd to receive 20% off your order with the purchase of one of their adorable pails ($3.99)! Also, I love what the folks at The Paper Store are up to these days...keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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