Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Create an At Home Meditation + Relaxation Nook

*This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market. They are super psyched to help us relax more this year!

I am no expert on meditation and I need help relaxing more but one thing that I do know is that setting intentions and creating a quiet meditation space are great steps to making 2017 and more goal oriented and focused year! With the help of Cost Plus World Market, I've been working on creating this space in a sweet, quiet corner of my home. It's in this space that I can take a few moments a day to focus my energy and hopefully find a little more peace/happiness by finding that focus. I've put together some of my tips and tricks on setting intentions, setting up a comfortable area and finding inspiration in the process. Whether you supplement with spa products or by bringing a cup of tea, relaxing your way should be an important part of every day. Though these are my tips. the beauty of it is, you can tweak to create exactly what is right for you!

Creating a calm and serene area can be as easy as finding a quiet corner of your home, lighting candles and taking a moment to yourself. If you're anything like me, you want to make that little area your "own". We have a spare bedroom that I've always found relaxing, from the color we painted it to the way that the light hits each corner of the space at certain times of the day. Finding the decor to match the space was easy, since my aesthetic already swings toward Cost Plus World Market's eclectic and funky decor. I chose a small wood slice accent table, an aqua suti floor pouf and a chenille throw as the centerpiece items to my nook. I think that choosing calming, yet fun colors helped me make the space my own but if you're more into neutrals, then you can do just that. Remember, make it your own!

Adding small touches is just as important. You'll notice that I've got a sort of yoga/meditation vibe so I went with that when adding little trinkets to my nook. An amethyst druzy chunkflameless candlescrystals (amethyst, rose quartz and raw quartz), lavender + sage smudge stick and a lotus stone votive  helped to pull the small space together and encouraged a peacefulness.

This year, I've decided that setting intentions is a much better idea than having New Year's resolutions that may or may not come to fruition. Setting intentions is a great way to set your day, week, month and even year off on it's best trajectory. It can be a small intention (be kind to everyone you meet today) to something much larger (I want to see myself excel in my work this year). 

I think a great idea for setting intentions, then keeping them as reminders, is to use a jar or something similar to keep them for easy access. I snagged a jar from Cost Plus World Market, quickly hand painted the word "intent" and started filling my jar with intentions for better living. This isn't something to stress about. Your intention for the day can be a word, a phrase, a quote from someone else... the point is that you're setting a path for what you want to see for yourself. If you need inspiration, one of my favorite kickstarters is the Art of Attention: Yoga Deck from Elena Brower (a thoughtful Yoga instructor). Each card can speak to you on a different day and perhaps strike the cord that you needed to think about. The Hamsa card holder is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT to keep a meaningful card at eye level for as long as you need to see it.

If you take the time to relax, breathe and make time for yourself you might be surprised how you're more apt to be inspired in your every day, rather than succumbing to stress. When you're constantly worrying, it's hard sometimes to let the good in... or at least in my experience. Meditation or even sitting with your thoughts for five minutes a day can make all the difference in resetting your mindset and improving your attitude. Find joy in the area that you create for yourself. Your corner of the house can be off limits to the kids or you can share; just find what makes you happy!

What are your tips and tricks for finding your happiness at home? Do you have a relaxation nook? Snag some of my faves for your personal space below!

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