Monday, March 21, 2016

I Tried It: BeautyCounter

A couple of months back, I saw Beautycounter come across one of my social feeds and very shortly thereafter, a girl I went to High School with, knowing that I'm really trying to embrace green and clean beauty, contacted me about the Beautycounter brand. She'd recently became a consultant and seemed really passionate about the brand so I was like, sure, let's talk Beautycounter! She offered me the opportunity to try some of their best selling products so I could see the quality and safe ingredients that they use when making their essentials. How does Beautycounter compare to other brands that I'm currently using? Well, honestly, they're right up there and they're not totally overprices so I think what they've got going, is an excellent way for the green beauty movement to reach more people. Being educated is part of their mission and educating others is why I'm talking green beauty so, I appreciate what they're doing.

I've The Rose Water Uplifting Spray: You may recall that this spray made it into my Winter Skin Must Haves and it's for good reason. I keep this on hand now because my skin is dry and sometimes needs a pickmeup. I KNOW this is going to be clutch come Summer when it's hot and sticky; this will be a cool burst of freshness for this sweaty glistening lady.... and the good news? When I'm spritzing and the toddler comes along, I don't have to worry about giving him a little spray.  Check out BC's ingredient selection process here.

Another item that I tried, and loved, was the Uplifting Day Cream: it does everything you want in a moisturizer. It smooths and softens. It didn't leave my skin feeling greasy and it wore beautifully under makeup and over my face oil. I don't know that I would completely replace my moisturizer for the UDC but it's definitely a quality product, with a pleasant light scent, that would be a great addition to anyone's beauty regimen.

Something that I can foresee being a "purchase" for me, would be the Everyday Shampoo and Conditioners. I am a HUGE sucker for anything citrus but more importantly, this clarifying shampoo made my hair feel instantly cleaner after some definite build up had occurred because of my "purple" shampoo (no, I'm not a shampoo purist, yikes!). I don't wash my hair every day but this pair will work it's way into my rotation because I've been looking for a perfect clarifying shampoo and this checks a lot of boxes for me in general.

There are many more products that Beautycounter has to offer, including a new baby line that intrigues me so I might just set up a party for family and friends. No matter how much I talk to my family about natural beauty products, I get the feeling that it might not be completely sticking. I think it might be time to bring in some outside help... tell me, have you tried any of the Beautycounter products?

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