Thursday, March 10, 2016

CVS' Friendly Nudge to Health + Wellness

It's been awhile since I was invited to a tour of a new CVS store concept, and it's been just as long since the #PropahToddlah and I went on an adventure to a CVS store similar, close to where we live... but the message that I want to convey is still here and waiting for me to deliver it. You can live a healthier life and find healthier options more and more places that you go, CVS included. CVS made a remarkable step towards wellness a few years back when they removed cigarettes for sale in their locations. Now, their team is looking to other avenues to provide consumers with those options closer to home and easier to find.

He says, excuse the boogie, but we were there for tissues LOL

CVS has given us guides to follow in store that can help you make better decisions about what you're consuming. Sure, they still have our guilty treats (hello, Doritos, I see you) but they also make it easier to find a healthier option if that is what you are looking for. Something that I am happy to see is that the beauty team is bringing in more natural options for consumers and do highlight the section with signage. If this is something you strive towards, like me in an effort to be conscious of what I am putting on my body and that of my sweet baby man, it's very encouraging that you can find some options here. I do caution that while there are great brands that I would use being sold at CVS, you should still be a mindful consumer, doing research on which ingredients you should avoid (ie anything that says "fragrance"), checking the labels just in case.... but seriously, I think what CVS is doing is kind of amazing. As a brand, they are nudging us to be healthier. They're not putting their agenda on their consumers but yet they are making the options readily available and therefor way more attainable, something that is very important in our busy on the go lifestyles.

I'd love to know what you think about CVS and the offerings that they provide. Do you swear by CVS brand? Do you make a trip in 2 times a week like I do? The ease of finding a lot of the things I need in one spot makes CVS the perfect spot for a quick stop on the way home!

*I was invited to a CVS store tour and provided with some products to try but all opinions are 100% my own.

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