Monday, December 14, 2015

I first found Cause I Run through the JUGS/ Boston Green Blog as I often find good things in and around town (Boston). I was immediately like "I WANT TO KNOW MORE" because coming off of the WELL Summit, I am all thinking about who makes my clothes, what am I putting on my body, where was my food grown and all the questions that you ask yourself because you should actually care about these things... Cause I Run is just getting started but creator/doer/magic maker Amanda Yanchury is hoping to create a sustainable athletic/leisure line that will stand the test of time and help you develop a mind set that has you making thoughtful purchases, even for your workout gear. Not only that? Amanda plans to "give back" to worthwhile organizations, developing lasting relationships so that this small business of hers can be a kindness powerhouse. I had the opportunity to chat a little with Amanda and am excited to see what is in store for Cause I Run. I sincerely hope that you will sign up for their email list so you can be the first to know about their upcoming Kickstarter!

Give us a little background on what Cause I Run is all about. What was the inspiration the sparked the creation of CIR?

I've been running for just over 5 years, and I was always the fashionista of my group of friends growing up -- and my mom used to call me her "personal shopper." Then I started working from home for a year and a half, and one day I realized that "athleisure" was my entire day-to-day wardrobe. I started thinking about the clothes I was wearing. As runners, the clothes we wear represents us and what we stand for in the most public of ways, when captured in race photos (and let's be honest, shared on social media). There are lots of runners who are altruistic and generous by nature, as evidenced by the multitude of running events with a charitable giving component, and yet the clothes we wear might not necessarily reflect those values. Most are constructed by workers making pennies on the dollar in sometimes unsafe conditions. Runners deserve athletic wear that is ethically made. Aside from producing ethically and sustainably, I also wanted to help people in a real, tangible way -- so runners can give back even before they line up at the starting line. A percentage of each purchase will go toward one of our chosen causes. The name just came to me one day, and there was no going back. 

What is one easy tip that you can give about how to make educated and ethical purchases?
Buying ethically is tough, but it is possible. My advice is to start by picking one big-ticket item that you'll intend to wear for years. Search around for independent brands and save up for that one purchase. Then tell all your friends. :-)

Can you give us a little peek at what CIR is going to be offering and when we can start giving back with our purchases?

I'm so excited to say that we have our first prototypes in hand and our production partner is 
​working on perfecting​
 them as we speak! We'll have a line of women's athletic wear available for pre-order in early 2016 via Kickstarter. This first collection will include a tank top and running capris -- and we'll have unisex t-shirts available too in the interim, until we're able to get started on the men's collection!

When you aren't "running" your super sweet business, what do you love to do for fun in New England?

I moved to Boston from San Diego last June, so I mostly spend my time preparing for winter. Just kidding (sort of). When I'm not training for a race, I enjoy exploring my new 'hood (Cambridge/Somerville) and connecting with fellow women and/or product-based entrepreneurs. 

I love what you are doing with Cause I Run. Where do you hope to see the brand go in the future?

Thank you -- I can't wait to share it! My hope for Cause I Run is to create lasting partnerships with a few really amazing organizations who are listening to communities in need and enabling them to lift themselves up. Aside from using recycled materials, another way we can value sustainability is to help make lasting positive changes for people. And I already have big plans for the next three collections, including expanding to men's active wear, and more athleisure items like sweatshirts, joggers, and more. Make sure to sign up for the email list to know when we launch!

Be sure to catch Cause I Run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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