Friday, December 18, 2015

Groupon Coupon? Not Just a Clever Rhyme

So I have been using Groupon for as long as Groupon has been around. Remember when Groupon had deals that would only go live if a certain amount of people purchased it? That's how long I have been using Groupon. What I have always loved about Groupon is that they haven't let themselves go stale. There is a lot of competition on the 'nets these days and in order to stand the test of time and the ever changing online landscape, one must adapt. Groupon continues to do that. The recent introduction of Groupon Coupons is no exception. When I am searching for deals at let's say LOFT, I'll be honest, sometimes I just google "LOFT coupon code" and usually I am brought up down and all around. With Groupon Coupons, it appears to me that all the deals and promo codes are consolidated into one spot so that you can see which deal suits what you're looking for. Take a look. I want to see what percentage that LOFT has on sale (because you know they always do)...
Groupon Coupon

Groupon coupons brings you right to the site and then you're free to shop. Easy as that. You don't have to purchase a "Groupon", you're just using their coupon site as a guide for deals. Plus since they must have a lot of existing relationships in place, the coupon side has over 70,000 coupons for more than 9,000 stores. I'm not even sure I know 1,000 stores so that's a lot. New coupons are added every day and you can be sure that you're favorite store has a spot on their homepage (mine are! Hello TargetLOFT, ULTA and Modcloth).

Also, I know that I am always getting coupons for my crafting on my receipts (ie Joann's and AC Moore) but half the time I lose those before I get to use them. Total Bummer. Turns out, I can just pull up Groupon Coupons and print out a coupon to take with me on my next crafting excursion. The whole point is that I am not going to have to search around for coupons as much, and any time saved, is worth something to me!

Will you give Groupon Coupons a shot before you shop?

*This post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are 100% my own. I really do use Groupon a lot, OK?

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