Friday, October 30, 2015

Tasty Tidbits

We've been busy with Fall activities, Halloween and making stuff for special people over here in the Propah household. Some tasty tidbits for you, since I think these are all well worth your time.
  • It's still Breast Cancer awareness month: I;m sure you are used to seeing pink ribbons all over the place, alerting you to the fact. Tips on early detection and reducing your risk of Breast Cancer via Avon. Make sure you are taking your health into your own hands, literally.
  • Been having lots of conversations lately about blogging + sponsored posts + and all of the things and one thing that piqued my interest this week was a post that Wil Wheaton wrote basically, to say, that writers/bloggers/creatives etc should NOT be providing their work for free. It's amazing to me how often someone from a PR firm or brand will contact me and want me to write something up for the "exposure". When I first started blogging, sure, I wrote somethings for the "exposure" but tbh, that exposure rarely did anything for me. If I am going to do the work, I want to be compensated for it. Unless, of course, I totally love you and want to help, then all bets are off. ;-) It's a good article. (via Wil Wheaton)
  • I didn't get a chance to watch this week's GOP debate but I saw enough of the aftermath to know that I have no intention of voting Republican... but this isn't about my political persuasions, this is about my Psychology minor ("Hey, that Psych major  deal, that philosophy major thing, that's great, it's important to have liberal arts... but realize, you're going to be working at Chick-fil-A.") I read many posts today on the "diss" that Jeb Bush threw out at Psychology majors + Philosophy majors.  This post from The Mighty, shows lots of successful Psychology majors fighting back that stereo type that it's a a simple major that people coast through. (via The Mighty)
  • Cold Weather is coming and I need to buff up my fitness gear so that I am actually motivated to keep running + going to yoga but all I want to buy is this Mexican Blanket for my savasana. Does this make me a slacker? How do you keep motivated in the cold weather?
  • Please vote for my girl, Kate's Simply Mixed Berry Frozen Berry-Orange Mimosa in the Better Homes and Gardens Fresh Files. She is super special and I am 110% that the drink is delicious + she promised if she won, she would have a big berry mimosa party, of which I would invite myself to right away. (via BHG)
  • And a fond farewell to America's Next Top Model. I have spent countless hours watching full seasons of ANTM. I feel like I know Tyra and I can also spot a former contestant in bit roles, like a pro. I will miss you ANTM. You have been there for me many a sick day. I will forever be thankful to Hulu for having all seasons on deck for me, even the British v American, which I thought was weak. (via The Cut)

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