Monday, April 13, 2015

Tasty Tidbits

The grey and pink checkered Gymboree shirt has certainly paid for itself over and over. The Propah Baby looks like a little ham/ handsomest baby ever, from pictures at the Mall, to brunch to this past weekend's Post Easter lunch at my Aunt's.

In case you were wondering which live action reboot that Disney is working on after the success of Cinderella and the forthcoming Beauty and the Beast, wellp, it's Mulan! Can't say I am upset that this is the new direction for Disney. My husband is always quick to remind me that Disney and Pixar are two different studios so I can't continue to lump them together as successful. I am happy that the Disney studio is seeing success on it's own. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

This photographer is trying to change how we all view males as a the primary caretaker. If nothing else, it's a great series that has made a case for paternal leave being important just as maternity leave is. (via Cosmopolitan)

I'll keep reminding you, especially since there is less than two weeks left!  Yoga Reaches Out New England Yogathon is taking place Sunday April, 26th at the Field House at Gillette Stadium. I joined my yoga studio's team and am raising money for Yoga Reaches OutBen Speaks Louder than Words and Boston Children's Hospital. I have never done two 2 hour sessions in a day but I think it will be super fun and for a great cause! Want to help me secure a mat space and also help these awesome charities? You can visit my personal page here to make a donation of any size!

People with Down Syndrome pose for stunning portraits meant to raise awareness and show that people with Down Syndrome are diverse and unique just like everyone else in the world. (via Sigella)

When my spending freeze is up, I think I may welcome the warm weather with something along the lines of these Unionbay floral sandals. I am certainly not going to spend willy nilly but these may be a nice treat for this Mama.

48 Summer Movies We Can't Wait to See ... perhaps I want to see them all because I have a baby and would have to get a sitter and I can't go to the movies whenever I please anymore.... but I WILL see Jurassic World. (via


  1. Really it's a good collection. Gray and pink checkered shirt is awesome i like it.

  2. What a handsome little dude!

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