Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Local Lovin': Luxxie Boston, Foundation Wear for Every Woman

I recently stumbled upon Luxxie Boston (LuxxieBoston.com) on Twitter. It seems I follow enough savvy Bostonians that it surprised me that I hadn't run across this Boston based/Made in USA brand of women's foundation wear... that happens to also be fabulous. With a little moving and shaking, I was then chatting with Luxxie Boston co-founder Stefanie Mnayarji about the new baby and what sparked her interest in designing this fantastic line. She was willing to share a little about her and her brand with my P&P readers as well as show you a few of her pieces that have me over here swooning.
Luxxie Boston Co-Founder Stefanie Mnayarji

What drove you to initially start Luxxie Boston?

I got the idea for LuxxieBoston.com after searching for years for a good slip.  I was working as an executive consultant in quantitative finance and was sick of walking into a room adjusting my skirt rather or worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.  I needed a good foundation to keep my garments tame throughout the work day.  I found that your only option for a modern slip (i.e. not your grandmother's long polyester slip) was shapewear.  I absolutely hated wearing shapewear as it was unsightly and insanely uncomfortable.  Wearing it was such a distraction.   In the year 2014, women should no longer have to torture themselves to look good.  In order to really compete, we have to rid ourselves of these distractions.  Women deserve to be gorgeous without compromising comfort.    So I developed a 92% silk slip that is washable with an integrated chest support system that gives a seamless silhouette without the torturous feel of shapewear.  Unlike shapewear options, you will not be embarrassed to be caught wearing this.  Plus, who doesn't want to be draped in silk all day?

Luxxie Boston Platinum Slip
You refer to Luxxie Boston as foundation wear. How does Luxxie Boston differ from regular undergarments and shapewear?

It is the only undergarment that is functional, comfortable and sexy.  Our silk blend material gives you a seamless silhouette without the torture of shapewear.

What are some of your favorite brands/designers that you wear over Luxxie Boston?

When I was working in finance, I was constantly draped in Theory. Since my career change, I am a bit more adventurous. I love the feminine edgy designs of All Saints and Karen Millen. Truly, in all that I wear, the Luxxie trinity still has to be fulfilled: functional, comfortable and sexy. 

Luxxie Boston Burgundy Slip
What do you love to do in the Boston area, when you aren't designing that is?

I am absolutely obsessed with Boston.  Truly, I moved here from Santa Barbara, CA and never regretted it even on the greyest, coldest, winter day!  This is America's Walking City and that is exactly what I love to do in my free time.  I love walking around the South End, Back Bay or exploring the hot new Fort Point area.  Sowa market is always an inspiring outing on a Sunday.  For a city the size of Boston, there is a tremendous amount of history and culture.  I'm always exploring the latest exhibits at the ICA or MFA.  

Where do you see Luxxie Boston heading in the future?

I envision Luxxie Boston to be a lifestyle brand for women who want to look gorgeous without ever compromising comfort.  For all of human existence, women have compromised comfort to look good.  We are here to say, finally in the year 2014, she can have both.  We aim to be "Agent Provocateur meets Under Armor" for all aspects of a woman's life.  For example, why can't a pair of 5 inch heels feel like a pair of sneakers?
Luxxie Boston Slip
I love Stefanie's attitude and outlook. I think if more designers thought about a woman's needs like Stefanie does, then maybe we would have a fighting chance at feeling good in what we are wearing, all of the time. To me, that sounds dreamy.

What do you think of this fabulous Boston based brand?

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