Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sponsored Video: Camila Coelho's Next Big Project, An Inside Look

Brazilian entrepreneur Camila Coelho has the dream of creating her own makeup line but needs help with her finances and checking her credit score in order to get her brand jump started. As someone who has always wanted to start her own business and just have the need to keep my sassy,crafty spending under control, I know that it is important to have good credit to show possible investors/creditors that you are trustworthy. I have learned this lesson over years but Discover card wants to share this knowledge with their card holders by offering them their FICO credit score monthly with their statement. Seeing your score for free each month will help you stay on top of your credit and avoid surprises. In addition to the credit score, Discover encourages Camila and other customers to take advantage of their service on-call , online and on the go. With support, each customer has everything they need to be successful in their daily lives and on the conquest of their dreams! Check out some tasty tidbits from Camila and friends...


Thanks to Discover, Camila can maybe make her dream of creating her own make up line come true by utilizing Discover's It Card's awesome benefits. What have you done to prepare in kickstarting your dreams, whether it's a business or just managing your every day finances with panache

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