Monday, June 23, 2014

Propah Baby, Our First Month

So over the past month, I have been sort of absent from social media and blogging somewhat because I have been caring for my newborn baby boy! It has been an adventure of epic proportions, epic meaning that I have lost epic amounts of sleep and I am spending epic amounts of time loving a sweet little baby who happens to be the loudest farter I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Life has most definitely changed, for the better, but it's totally different for sure.

I have been trying to carve time to blog or keep things up here at Prim and Propah and I don't know how other successful bloggers do it so soon after the baby is born. Maybe it's just better planning and post scheduling or perhaps it's just that they are super human but here at the Propah house, we were touch and go there for a little while with our sanity. Newborns are adorable for a reason people! So you hang onto your last threads of sanity 'til you make it through the rough spots (see comment about baby's insane gas).

I am going to try to make a go of keeping the blog interesting, robust and eclectic but we will have to see how it goes. There may be some weeks where I can only post about my adorable baby and there may be some weeks where a DIY pops up because I am amazing enough to make the time. I just ask that some of my faves will still come back to read every now and then as I get  my wits about me!

PS. I love being a Mom.

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