Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Talk Body Image in Pregnancy Town

I don't know about anyone else who is or has been pregnant but one of my biggest struggles in this whole "adventure" is the fact that I feel totally and utterly unattractive ALL.THE.TIME. now. I get it. I am creating a beautiful life inside this body and of course, with that miracle, comes lots of changes in the ol' body. Although I logically understand what is going on with my body, the extra chunk on top of what was already there and now the urge to feed this body more than usual... it's tough to come to grips with what I see when I look in the mirror. It's depressing. One day I will look at myself and say "yep, you look pregnant" and then other days all I see is a fat blob masquerading as a pregnant woman.

It doesn't help things when we see all the celebrities with their already gorgeous bodies, pregnant looking just as gorgeous. Sure, they can fall under the scrutiny of the public eye and are often chastised for weight gain but they still carry those babies looking like champs! To compare oneself to celebrities is almost always a mistake for the self esteem but sometimes it just cannot be helped.

These days though? I am comparing myself not just to pregnant celebs but other pregnant woman I know, see or meet. Just the other night at prenatal yoga, I caught myself checking out all the other expecting Moms. Our instructor told us not to compete with one another. I think she meant not to compete with eachother yoga moves wise but in my head I was saying to myself  "don't look at their cute baby bumps"... In the full length mirrors of a yoga studio, it's hard to continue to look at oneself in a positive light. I am my own worst enemy... that is what I am thinking as I actually type this post.

So here is where I tell you that I know I am being somewhat unrealistic with myself. I already struggled with my weight pre-baby so it is no wonder that I am feeling a little low about my looks now that I am gaining baby weight. My doctor has told me that I haven't gained too much and actually, I have gained the exact amount that I should have by this stage in the game (28 weeks)... but when I stepped on the scale at my last doctor's appt, I nearly cried because I have never weighed this much in my life (cue brain to malfunction due to a number on the scale). It is a daily struggle that I am only starting to get used to... but I think it should be talked about more. Before I was pregnant, I don't ever remember hearing women talk about body image struggles while with child but then maybe I wasn't paying attention or maybe it's just something I thought I wouldn't have an issue with. After all, pregnancy is such a happy time!

I actually googled "how to deal with negative body image while pregnant" and my husband was like "bitch, you be crazy" without actually saying it. To him, he claims I am beautiful and tells me every morning but it is really hard to believe when you feel so funky about yourself. The other day, while in Starbucks, a complete stranger walked up to me, while I was eating a biscotti, and said "Ma'am, you look great". If he was hitting on me, then it was pretty blunt... me thinks he was just commenting on how I am looking pregnant. What am I trying to say? Well, maybe I need to just chill out on myself, letting this third trimester work it's magic and then work on improving the post baby bod. Lord knows the hormones are surging right now, which likely aren't helping things... and also? At the end of this journey, I get a bouncing baby boy who will love me no matter what I look like. That seems like a pretty good deal.

What are your thoughts on body image during pregnancy?


  1. i think it's safe to say that even women who have 'cute belly bumps' also have those moments where they feel like fat blobs and don't recognize themselves in the mirror. i don't believe in weighing myself at home, because as long as i am healthy and like what i see i don't want to peg numbers on it. so i only recently [like, literally at 35 weeks pregnant last week] learned how much i have gained so far with this baby. don't put numbers in your head. if your doctors tell you your weight gain is in the healthy range and you feel that baby growing inside you, then that's all you need to worry about.

    we all have those moments when my self esteem goes out the window - whether it's watching the oscars, in prenatal yoga - for me it's when i need help getting off the couch or realizing i can't bend over to pick the cell phone i just dropped on the sidewalk.

    it's a crazy adventure, this whole pregnancy thing. you're doing FAB so far and i have no doubt you'll keep looking just beautiful too :)

  2. I think it's awesome that you're putting this out there. I'm sure you look beautiful, but I can definitely see how the massive changes in your body would be hard to accept - it's definitely something I've thought about!

  3. What a great post! I totally struggle with pregnancy body image myself and honestly this was the number one reason I was nervous to get pregnant the first time - the weight gain, can you imagine? Not to be all Suzy Sunshine on the situation, but for me, what helped most in my previous pregnancies and now this one, was living in the moment of pregnancy (in terms of eating and trying to be less focused on my body image) for the baby's physical health but also my mental health. During my pregnancy I researched some workout plans for moms, committed to one, and once my baby arrived and I was given the clear to exercise, made it a priority. I was lucky enough to have time to do a Baby Bootcamp program with my Z, so that worked for me. You can't forget yourself once your little dude is here... Happy mommy = happy baby!

    And ps. I saw you yesterday and you are definitely a cute-as-a-button-pregnant-girl!! =) Stop looking at celeb baby bumps, they're all wearing maternity spanx 100% of the time anyway.

  4. Wonderfully written post. You are beautiful. I have seen some photos on IG and you look fabulous, truly. And I can't wait to give you a big ole hug when we have dindins together.

  5. Amanda, I am not going to sugar coat it, I felt so gross through every one of my pregnancies. I hated every second of being pregnant. I'm amazed I had more - seriously. You are beautiful, I've met you, and your beauty shines a bright spot light through your funny, positive and great spirit. Indulge mama!


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