Monday, March 17, 2014

Barely There's Simply the One, a Must Have Accessory

Launching today, Barely There's Simply the One bra is here to provide us all with ultimate seamless comfort. You could almost call this a must have accessory, even though no one will see it! You already know by now that Barely There wants to have the Best Year Yet and I think that the introduction of all the new products is part of that awesome year. You might be wondering why it's bras that I want to talk about...well, I like you and me and the ladies to all support one another!

I was tasked with not only showing you what an awesome accessory the Simply the One bra is but also show you what my must have accessories are for Spring. It's all about bringing your inner and outer style together my friends. I have always had issues finding a great bra that not only fits but makes me feel like a superstar. For real, the Simply the One, has fast become my "go to" bra... so much so that I need to get it in other colors. It's comfortable, keeps the ladies looking supported plus it looks fab under clothes, which is uber important. Take a look... you almost can't even tell I am pregnant, the ladies are SO under control! When you are feeling good about yourself, you can accessorize like a champs. With Barely There and Kohl's, I found a great combo to feel fab for a day of running errands with my man!

One of my favorite things to accessorize with these days is a statement necklace, something that grabs your attention and makes and elevates even a casual outfit like mine. I grabbed a fantastic necklace at a deal (SONOMA life + style Gold Tone Bead Necklace) and paired it with some of my current maternity clothes and some white sneaks. I can honestly tell you that I was feeling really good about myself which these days is a lot harder to come by due to the wonder bun... but I have to really thank Barely There for introducing me to a wonderful bra. What makes the Simply the One so special? Well, there is Poke-Free Comfortwire, one piece of soft seamless fabric and dude, it's convertible! If you're feeling good underneath your clothes, then heck, you have a great foundation. Add some great items from Kohl's right on top of that foundation and you'll have a "Brick Hoooouse". ;-)

The Barely There Simply the One bra is available online and in stores starting today, March 17th! It' is available in mulitple colors in sizes ranging from 34-36 A; 40 B, C, D and retails at 38.00

Will you give this stellar bra a try?

*I am a member of the Barely There blog squad. They provided me with product and a Kohl's gift card to complete this look. Although I received product, all opinions are 100% mine.

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