Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's Gang Up on my Husband in the Name of Kate Spade

So for anyone who keeps track of Kate Spade and the ever amazing 75% off sales every so often, there is a handbag that I have had my eye on for quite some time and it has finally made it to the sale side slash the Mama has a chance side! The beauty I have been eye-balling is the Waverly Street Drew in "Vintage Luggage". Isn't she beautiful?!

In my ever growing desire to use my unborn child as an excuse to collect things like jewelry, handbags and baby clothes, I set out to get this bag, without actually having to get it for myself... *light bulb overhead*, why not ask the husband? Hmmm, that doesn't always work these days. How can I creatively convince him to buy me a new purse that I most definitely do not need? Aaaaaah ding ding ding, I will have my friends gang up on him via the internet. Here's where you come in (if you haven't already)....

Please favorite THIS TWEET all in the quest to guilt trip/gang up on my husband LOL. Every time someone tweets to him or "favorites" his tweets, it pings his phone... so he will be constantly reminded that he must buy this purse for me.

Do you think I am a trickster? Well, I prefer to be called "clever". Truth of the matter is, I am a collector of shoes more so than purses, so he cannot complain that I have too many. I think this is a valiant effort on my part... Feel free to also tweet your encouragement as well. Some of my faves so far?

Will you help the cause?!


  1. You are awesome and I think you absolutely deserve this bag!

  2. hahaha that's hilarious ! :D and superclever :D


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  3. Make sure you favorite the tweet so he sees it! --->

  4. Thanks dear! Make sure you favorite the tweet so he sees it! --->

  5. Ooooh girl, me too! Make sure you favorite the tweet so he sees it! --->

  6. Its a great bag and it should be on your arm!

  7. Bahaha this is perfect. And that big is a stunner, wish I hadn't seen it because now I'm in love too.....

  8. He is nearly worn down at this point!

  9. Yeah lady, the Kate Spade Surprise Sales are the worst for my drooling/shopping/change purse LOL


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