Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun Spring Outfit Alert

So because I cannot shop very much (due to furnishing home costs), obviously I am on heightened alert to cute things that I want to buy! ARGH! But being that we are first time home buyers, I can take one for the team and my closet can too! Buuuuuuuuuuuut that being said, I did see an absolutely adorable dress on Ruche last night and just couldn't help myself! I know that I have a couple of places to wear it in the near future and I sort of ran it by the man before I did it? I've got weddings and showers. This dress can be dressed up or dressed down. Plus, people on Twitter told me that I am not too old to wear it... I thought it looked little young, alright? Anyhoo, here is what I think I will be matching it up with, for a wedding in a couple weeks.

Candy Land Lace Shift Dress from Ruche, $42, Thyme by Seychelles Wedges from Piperlime, $90, Pearl Jewel Bauble Earrings from ASOS $30, Banana Republic Michelle Clutch, $79.50, Zara Double Breasted Waist Coat, $90

What do you think of the dress? Did I make the right decision?


  1. Ahh lovely pink, such a fairytale :)

  2. Thank you Kelly Ann! I thought it looks a little "young" but it's all about the styling! <3

  3. haha yes, I used to never like pink, now I'm all about it!

  4. Beautiful dress! I don't think it looks young, I like the way you've chosen to style it. I mean that waist coat is the perfect touch!
    xo, Jackie

  5. I think the dress is lovely and look good with your coloring. I like the paring with the white waist coat.

  6. I found that coat by accident... I love that it's sleeveless. So cool!

  7. That sleeveless blazer is awesome. And so is the dress. I am glad you don't think it's too kiddy pinky pink. <3

  8. It's great and the waistcoat will look amazing with it!

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