Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Outfit Idea [Guest Post]

Whether it’s your first time with your boyfriend’s family for the holidays or just another party with your family, you definitely want to look stylish and festive for whatever occasion you are celebrating this winter. Here’s an outfit that can take you from one party to the next while still being comfortable and appropriate.

Kate Spade Sprinkles Wristlet, Tory Birch Jeweled Eddie Flat, Banana Republic Striped Knit Cowl, J. Crew City Mini in Dublin Tartan, Baublebar Emerald Taylor Bib, J. Crew Factory Stretch Pinball Bracelet
*Lauren from Pretty Pieces is a 24 year old technology journalist based in the Boston area who likes to blog for fun about fashion, shopping and bargain hunting. I love preppy styles, being from New England, but I can also rock a New York City black on black outfit. I'm mildly obsessed with Tory Burch flats and I'm a big sucker for sale items and outlet stores.

In my spare time, aside from blogging, I can be found cheering on the New England Patriots, eating way too many cheese products and fawning over golden retrievers.


  1. love the emerald and tartan together, you're right on with the holiday trends! :)

    xx Christine

  2. yah. You're dot on with the tartan. Perfect for the holidays! :)

  3. I love the clutch!!! :)
    Kisses! Any from IFB - following you

  4. Thanks for stopping by Any! Can't wait to keep up with you! <3

  5. Yeah the tartan rocks! Lauren did a good job putting this together for Prim and Propah

  6. What have you worn to holiday parties, Christine?


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