Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Needs Therapy When You Can Buy Shoes?

I have been very stressed lately, of course all self inflicted stress, but stressed nonetheless. You know when you work yourself up and there really isn't anything you can do besides cry and/or buy a pair of shoes? Well, that was me this past Friday. I am tired, people and while I won't go into every detail, let's just say if I were to let myself slow down, I might not start back up again!

Mrkt Lauren Pump,, $69.95
I am sure you know that my Bridal shower is coming up so I, of course, felt justified in picking out a new pair of shoes to match the dress you guys chose but also a pair of shoes that I could wear this Fall... I mean, might as well get a versatile pair of pumps right? I had some DSW points burning a hole in my pocket AND it was double points this past weekend so all signs led to: NEW SHOES. I picked out these lovelies, what do you think? I know they made me feel better!


  1. Cute shoes. Let us know if they are comfy!

  2. Such cute shoes!! Yes, a + and very Justifiable :)

  3. they are so cool!

  4. Amen! A new pair of lovely shoes will take your mind off your problems every time.



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