Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shorts Suit, Where Can I Get One?

I may be late to the shorts suit party, but I am really thinking that I need to get one, right away. I am not usually a gal who sports shorts but I recently saw someone in Boston totally making this look her own and I wanted to join in the fun as well...only now, I don't know where to find an affordable set! (sadface) Of course, there are extremely expensive designer sets at Bergdorf's or Neiman Marcus but where does a regular girl find her shorts suit that doesn't break the bank?

Perhaps it is because I am late to the party, that I am having such a hard time finding a suit in stock on some of my favorite online sites (Dorothy Perkins, Asos, Topshop etc). I checked Ebay, because you know, I am classy like that and the closest I am able to find in my price range and size is a skirt suit. While skirt suits are good for work (zzzzzzzz), I wanted something fierce for Fall! Am I not using the correct search terms? Do I have to search for the blazer and the shorts separately? Does anyone have any inkling of what I should do? 

Help me find a Shorts Suit!

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  1. Those looks are all great! Unfortunately, nice things tend to be pricey. I know how you feel.


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